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The activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) is a clot-based test of the intrinsic and common coagulation pathways.
The first evidence for the involvement of TF in tumor metastasis, via both the TF-triggered coagulation pathway as well as cellular events mediated via the cytoplasmic domain of TF, came from the work of Palumbo and Degen (33) as well as Ruf and Muller (34).
As such, we selected a CLP-induced ALI animal model to evaluate inflammatoty and coagulation pathways following the administration of LMWH.
The aPTT test measures the efficacy of both the intrinsic and the common coagulation pathways, and is used to detect clotting abnormalities and monitor patient response to anticoagulant therapy.
evaluated the effect of NCT, NVC-612 and NVC-422 on blood coagulation pathways.
Thus, the coagulation factor IX is one of critical components of the blood coagulation pathways, and its deficiency causes hemophilia B [2].