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Long-Term Use of coagulation factor IX (Recombinant) albumin fusion protein (rIX-FP) in previously treated patients with hemophilia B in the PROLONG-9FP program.
In addition, there were occasional specimens with the activity levels of vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors that when associated with an inherited deficiency would be expected to be associated with significant bleeding.
In this study, we use our approach to building a descriptively probabilistic relationship between mutated primary structure of coagulation factor IX and clinical severity of hemophilia B.
These genes include Vtgs 1 and 2, choriogenins 2 and 3, ER[alpha], coagulation factor XI, transferrin, AMBP, and [beta]-actin.
Only a few studies have detected the sites of mutations in coagulation factors by using monoclonal antibodies, although monoclonal antibodies for coagulation factors have been useful for studying the structure of coagulation proteins and developing sensitive immunoassays.
Coagulation Factors 2010 - The Portfolio Aspect as Decisive Force: A Competitive Landscape and R&D Pipeline Analysis of Hemostasis Proteins
A Pipeline Assessment, Market Survey and Corporate Benchmark Analysis provides a description, evaluation and assessment of the recombinant coagulation factor R&D pipelines as of October 2011.
Contract awarded for event 4098/2015 recombinant coagulation factor vii assets, dust and settlement 1mg rt for parenteral use (50 kiu).
Based on type of product, the market is mainly segmented into albumin, immunoglobulins, coagulation factor concentrates, and others.
A genetic marker for a blood coagulation factor located near the color blindness and anemia markers occurred mainly among family members with the psychiatric diagnoses.
conducted its 3rd analysis of the coagulation factor market and R&D pipeline and benchmarked the product target profiles by a market research study among haemophilia specialists.
Contract awarded for recombinant coagulation factor vii assets, dust and settlement 1mg rt for parenteral use (50kui).
22, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ --Access Report: Global Human Coagulation Factor VIII Market Research Report 2015
However, some niche varieties of blood products, such as scarce human coagulation factor VIII, maintained higher growth in lot release volume.