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During surgery, the tumor bed is repeatedly coagulated with a grooved roller electrode, decreasing the moisture content in the tissue and increasing the electrical resistance rate.
Applying zeta potential to the coagulated coated broke samples showed us that the best turbidity of filtrate water was obtained at slightly negative or zero charge.
The process strongly affects one's reception of the images, which shuffle hesitantly forth out of coagulated, marbled, and wrinkled paint in closely modulated shades of gray, green, brown, and blue; but what, precisely, they depict will vary Rorschach-style from viewer to viewer.
Absorption determines if tissue is cut, coagulated, or vaporized.
The vascular supply to the gland is coagulated and ligated while both the facial artery and the posterior facial vein are preserved.
Coagulated particulates have a large enough cross sectional area to be entrained by air currents.
In Ligasure diathermy, hemorrhoidal tissue is coagulated with the bipolar Ligasure and is then divided with scissors until the entire hemorrhoid is dissected.
It was heating oil that had to be heated to 180 degrees to get into the tanker, so that when it spilled, it coagulated and did not spread.
The shock was at a speed of decision rare inLebanon, where the political system is coagulated by rivalries between 18 recognised religious groups.
The consecrated wine changed into a bright red blood which coagulated into five small clots.
It is made from coagulated soybean milk and water, and resembles cream cheese in look and appearance, though it's softer.