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an enzyme that induces coagulation

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They included: Indole test, methyl red test (MR), citrate utilization, catalase test, oxidase test, coagulase test, oxidation--fermentation test, fermentation of sugars, and motility test.
They were based on the macroscopic observation of colonies, verifying the presence of hemolysis, size and pigmentation; observation of microscopic morphology through Gram-stained smears, catalase test and tube coagulase test, employing leporine plasma.
Gram positive Staphylococci colonies with a positive coagulase test (17) were inoculated onto Mueller-Hinton agar containing 6 ig/ml Oxacillin and incubated for 24 hours at 37[degrees] C to determine their sensitivity to the antibiotic.
Q Concerning the tube coagulase test, I have always known to store (freeze) the bovine serum in glass tubes (12 mm x 75 mm).
aureus colonies per sample were identified by coagulase test and species-specific PCR (1).
If a coagulase test is positive, the organism is identified as S.