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an agent that produces coagulation


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The Worldwide Coagulant Production Industry Report - Forecasts to 2020 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the coagulant production industry.
Delvo[R]Cheese CP-200 used in combination with the coagulant Maxiren[R] XDS further enhances the flexibility in both production and processing.
This research at an experimental scale and by using Jar test apparatus suggested that poly aluminum chloride with a concentration of 5mg/Lis the best coagulant to remove turbidity (%99%99.
This situation could due to the fact that, de-fatting of seed powder entails the use alcohols that have high concentrations, which will also prevent the loss of coagulant proteins during de-fatting process.
Polyacrylamide was used as coagulant aid which aid in settling the flocs readily.
Switching to an alternative coagulant may help further optimize treatment, ensuring consistent compliance.
2% less than that of the sample without the coagulant.
SECTION V -- PRODUCTS 1 Water Treatment Chemical Demand: Volume & Value, 2012 123 2 Biocide Demand: Volume & Value, 2012 126 3 Coagulant & Flocculant Demand: Volume & Value, 2012 136 4 Corrosion Inhibitor Demand: Volume & Value, 2012 145
coagulant shall meet all state and federal regulations
General 121Biocides 124Chlorine Derivatives 127Chlorine 128Bromine Derivatives 130Other Biocides 131Coagulants & Flocculants 133Polymers 137Metallic Salts 138Other Coagulants & Flocculants 140Corrosion Inhibitors 142Molybdates 146Phosphates 147Nitrites 148Phosphonates 150Other Corrosion Inhibitors 151pH Control Agents 153Bases 156Acids 158Scale Control Agents 159Foam Control Agents 162Other Water Treatment Chemicals 165Fluoridation Chemicals 166Chelating Agents 168Oxygen Scavengers 170All Other Water Treatment Chemicals 172
With an appropriate coagulant, our hydrogels could be a suitable carrier for stopping massive bleeding in military and emergency first response units.
These coagulant polymers include alum and can be used effectively to neutralize soluble chemicals and particulates in a machine's white water.
Contract notice: Delivery coagulant in the form of an aqueous solution of polyaluminum chloride to municipal wastewater treatment processes.
Contract notice: Delivery of the coagulant in the form of an aqueous solution of iron sulfate (iii)