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capable of coagulating and becoming thick

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His ideas about the formation of chyle were vague, although he found components in it reminiscent of blood, including "white globules" and a coagulable fluid (15).
11,18] The activated platelets and coagulable blood elements experience prolonged contact in the face of venous stasis, thereby enhancing opportunity for thrombus generation.
John King, a 34-year-old sailor, represented the first of the remarkable series of patients compiled by Bright and was a "well-marked example of granulated condition of the kidneys connected with the secretion of coagulable urine.
Fibrinogen can be quantitated by various methods including precipitation or denaturation methods, turbidimetric or fibrin clot density method, coagulable protein assays, as well as immunologic assays, which utilize antibodies to fibrinogen in assays, such as radial immunodiffusion, measurement of turbidity or rocket immunoelectrophoresis and the modified thrombin clotting time, which is the most widely performed clinical fibrinogen assay.
An English physiologist, William Hewson (1739-1774) of Hexham, Northumberland, England, showed that when the coagulation of [TABULAR DATA OMITTED] the blood is delayed, a coagulable plasma can be separated from the corpuscles and skimmed off the surface.