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Synonyms for coadjutor

a person who holds a position auxiliary to another and assumes some of the superior's responsibilities

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an assistant to a bishop

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The magistrate, upon the encouragement of so learned a coadjutor, and upon the violent intercession of the squire, was at length prevailed upon to seat himself in the chair of justice, where being placed, upon viewing the muff which Jones still held in his hand, and upon the parson's swearing it to be the property of Mr Western, he desired Mr Fitzpatrick to draw up a commitment, which he said he would sign.
This important step secured, with the assistance of a man of law whom he brought with him for the purpose, the dwarf proceeded to establish himself and his coadjutor in the house, as an assertion of his claim against all comers; and then set about making his quarters comfortable, after his own fashion.
This criticism fails to deal with the great structural problems involved in such a step, as is clear from the ongoing problems arising from the Society's early incorporation of laymen as "temporal coadjutors.
Hebda pointed out that coadjutors have also been named recently in Houston, Cincinnati and Los Angeles, and said that "nothing was said to me about any difficulties here"--suggesting the choice was more routine than the result of special papal intervention.
Differences arose between some of his coadjutors and Ald.
Haruko Ward presents the practice, in Japan, of female catechists acting as coadjutors to Jesuits.
Like white abolitionists, African Americans viewed emancipation as the culmination of their decades-long struggle for justice, but far more acutely than their white coadjutors, they could not ignore the partial nature of their accomplishment.
It also decreed a method for nominating bishops for vacant dioceses, and for coadjutors who would assist the current bishop and become his successor.
Precedent exists for inserting administrators or coadjutors to run a diocese amid unusual circumstances.
Likewise, the Chinese Jesuit coadjutors are rarely named (e.
According to canon law, all diocesan bishops, coadjutors and auxiliaries within the nation or its territories and U.
Other popular bishops are given coadjutors empowered to override their decisions.
coadjutors has reached at least five, a trend that one bishop watcher calls "fascinating.
Coadjutors are not common in the United States, even though Flynn is becoming one for a second time.
He could then be called either to the "grade" of spiritual coadjutor, with the three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, or to the "grade" of professed father, in which case he also took a fourth vow regarding availability to be missioned, by the pope, anywhere in the world.