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Synonyms for coaction

joint work toward a common end

Synonyms for coaction

act of working jointly

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During the day the most positive driver for the market was represented by the statements on coaction of FED, ECB, Bank of England, CB of Switzerland and Japan on providing dollar liquidity.
Interaction of locus of control, sex, competition and coaction during performance of a novel motor task (Doctoral dissertation, University of Virginia, 1977).
According to the press release, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) brough t in national proficiency testing services in coaction with the National Physical and Standards Laboratory (NPSL) of Pakistan.
epsilon]], which gives a coaction so that [epsilon] is a Hopf module and a comodule algebra over V.
Current research was directed towards exploring this possibility of a positive coaction between the hop compounds and several antibiotics.
In June, the declaration reposes on a strong 2013 for the company, which gained the Licencing Deal of the Year at the 2013 SCRIP Intelligence Awards for its first coaction with AstraZeneca and also ended its a $29.
The NO3- production was caused by the coaction of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria and AnAOB (anaerobic ammonium oxidationbacteria).
Definition 6 (action and coaction of ySym on MSym) Given b [member of] M.
declared a strategic research coaction with Lundbeck A/S, this deal of working jointly comes after the previous investment in 2012, and it utilizes Ossianix s innovative single domain antibody program based on the shark VNAR structure and will concentrate on two projects.
As per the Ministry of Information, for collaboration MoU will let both the agencies with regard to exchange and sharing of information and mutual experiences concerning to firefighting and emergency rescue operations, enhancement of capacity building and firefighting skills, and promotion of networking, beefing the coaction for mutual benefit.
For closer coaction within Arup and RDC in bidding for central international aviation advisory projects in the future, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) forms the fundament and this contract will let the customers to benefit through incoporated advisory services.
The project was done in coaction with the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council, before the supervising of the execution of the project was finally handed to Musanada.
As per the master coaction deal, Sysmex Inostics will formulate blood-based diagnostic tests based on its BEAMing technology.
As per the coaction, PIDM and Hua Zong will be conjointly hold five briefings on the financial consumer protection system it administers the Deposit Insurance System (DIS) and the Takaful and Insurance Benefits Protection System (TIPS), in which briefings could elevate confidence in the stability of the financial system in Malaysia as well as aid financial customers make informed financial dterminations.
In coaction with media firm Tencent, the operator will providing a SIM card that comprises a data package specifically for use with the OTT messaging app WeChat.