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act together, as of organisms

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The single-payer (which, under the legislation COACT supported in Minnesota, would be a board of consumers) allows hospitals to purchase these things only if there is a need for them.
Indiana COACT farm activist Philip Bright foresees a bill extending the nominal redemption period in that state.
COACT Cafe Labs, an independent technical testing and evaluation standards organization, evaluated Thales Datacryptor SONET/SDH and Ethernet Layer 2 Gigabit encryptors for Common Criteria certification.
COACT, Inc; Command Decisions Systems & Solutions, Inc.
We anticipate that this book will be of indispensable value for federal CIOs," said James McGehee, CEO of COACT, Inc.
Having our security services included on a GSA Schedule and available for order directly from us or through the GSA Advantage website will provide us with a greater market exposure," said James McGehee, CEO of COACT, Inc.
COACT is the world leader in providing Common Criteria security solutions.
Nasdaq:INTZ), ("Intrusion") announced today it has entered into an agreement with the Common Criteria Testing Laboratory at COACT Inc.
The augmented assurance requirements, including an enhanced vulnerability assessment and covert channel analysis, will be validated jointly by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) and the COACT, Inc.