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a craftsman who makes the bodies of motor vehicles

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Jack said: "Mum wanted something special for us while dad was laying his life on the line, and had three coach-built bikes made for us.
Motorhome conversions such as the Auto-Sleepers Trident, based on small vans like the Volkswagen Transporter, cost around pounds 25,000 while entry level coach-built motorhomes, based on vans such as the Peugeot Boxer, start from around pounds 23,000 rising to pounds 30,000.
Not just any old Mini, mind, but a bespoke, coach-built version that was tailored to suit the requirements of the rich and famous.
The BHF is offering drivers the chance to beat the five year waiting list for one of the famous coach-built sports cars worth #26,000 by buying raffle tickets in the charity's grand draw.
There's a lovely Carmen red '65 E-Type Roadster, registration OKE 1, a 1960 Bentley Flying Spur (the prettiest Bentley ever), four Aston Martin V8s (two of which are the ultra-desirable Volante Convertibles), three Ferraris and another eight Bentleys including a late Corniche and two coach-built 60s convertibles.
Limited Edition, Coach-Built Cars Sold Exclusively at Galpin Motors
The businesswoman is now busy repairing coach-built models, such as classic Silver Cross prams, after she struggled to find the perfect Christmas present for her youngest daughter.
The Mulsanne is a pure example of the Grand Touring Bentley combining coach-built elegance and hand crafted luxury with immense power and sportiness that together offer the world's most exclusive driving experience," Hayter said.
Coach-built body panels were mounted on a traditional ash wooden frame.
To buy a coach-built pramne win the late 70s and 80s used to cost pounds 1,000.
The specialist hearse company ( which uses 1450cc Harley Davidson trike combined with a 10ft-long US coach-built hearse to tow coffins ( also took top place in the Retail and Service category ( and won a further pounds 500.
The three-litre, V6-engined two-seater Roadster is a stunning combination of traditional Morgan chassis and coach-built body lines with the latest engine technology, promising a unique driving experience and superb performance.
Jack's Number One charity shop pram has a bowed and padded coach-built body finished in deep-shine black with an apron and hood in fantastic condition.
Also on the stand will be the Cherokee, coach-built by Auto-Trail Leisure Vehicles and based on a medium-wheelbase Volkswagen LT van.