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an associate that one works with

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We started huddles every morning with leadership and co-workers, part of our new Lean initiative where the practice is to turn to employees closest to the work to solve problems instead of all decisions funneling down from administration.
Bringing to life Amcor's Core Values of Social Responsibility and Teamwork, the Earthwatch expeditions will provide 15 co-workers with the chance to learn about, and contribute to, important research on topics such as conservation, biodiversity, climate change and ecosystem health.
A whopping 85 percent survey participants said that they felt sleeping with co-workers is fine, while 64 percent people said that they felt that hooking up with a subordinate was inappropriate.
Ameren Illinois co-workers joined the Real Utility Men and Women Wear Pink Campaign by making a donation to Susan G.
Co-workers are more satisfied when their behaviors are received in a positive and accepting way.
Harley's co-workers also discovered a community service project sponsored by the Churchill County High School construction class, and provided him with an application for it.
We share our knowledge with each other and the buddy system allows our new co-workers to gain experience from our existing co-workers - meaning that new starts are confident and competent.
But do most of us really believe our co-workers would catch us, even with witnesses?
Meaning: The annual reports prepared by some of my co-workers are totally misleading.
Workers involved in this study reported that they relied on close relationships with their clients and their co-workers to keep the environment safe and on a positive footing.
Company witnesses testified that the plaintiff constantly had problems with management and co-workers, which led to a series of escalating disciplinary sanctions ranging from warnings to denial of privileges to a suspension.
Knowledge of openly gay or lesbian co-workers was common, as was discussion of issues relating to gay, lesbian, or bisexual individuals both in and out of the workplace.
When co-workers are being laid off, it generates fear and anxiety among the employees that remain," says Daniel Goleman, co-author of Primal Leadership (Harvard Business School Press, 2002).
Outside the meeting, Johnnie Barbee, a 58-year-old steel worker nicknamed "Barbie Doll" who was dressed in a leather jacket and blue jeans, talked easily with co-workers.