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an associate that one works with

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She told her co-workers about the crime during roll call, saying, ``We have to do something about this.
Burleson of EPA's Research Triangle Park facility and his co-workers reported in the November 1990 JOURNAL OF TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH.
Among the strict criteria for this honour is a random employee survey that evaluates workers' trust in management, pride in their work and in their organisation, and camaraderie with co-workers.
Bernardi had just started a new job at Air Force Plant 42 two months earlier, working as a receptionist for Lockheed Martin, but kept her nighttime waitress position at El Torito, co-workers said.
None of CTR's active research projects relate to these topics," write Davis and his co-workers.
Turns out they share a cushy rent-controlled apartment, so she's stuck in a typically uncomfortably sitcom-y situation of living in with her ex - while also pursuing other relationships and dealing with her zany co-workers.
Several years ago, Lehn and other co-workers first reported making the frameworks that underlie these new, more complex molecules.
Is this likely to be the great love of your life, like it is for approximately 20% of co-workers - or just a fling?
The incident shocked co-workers and plunged a family into mourning.
Kent and his co-workers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass.
Along with recognition for what we are doing well, the voice of our co-workers and the achievements of other companies challenge us on where we can improve.
In line with IKEA's commitment to diversity and inclusion and in its endeavor to redefine gender equality this program will support co-workers in their roles as parents and professionals.
An employee of a Eugene machine shop says he was fired last year because he complained he was being harassed by his co-workers regarding his wife's ethnicity.
One of our Egyptian co-workers had already gone to sleep and at around 4.
Our co-workers feel this call and that's why many of them are here.