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an associate that one works with

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First, scenarios cannot assess the source of discomfort evoked by interacting with a returning traveler; baseline discomfort from a handshake is predictably less than is assisting a co-worker who fainted, regardless of EVD risk.
Our co-workers feel this call and that's why many of them are here.
Only five percent workers said that they quit a job to pursue a relationship with a co-worker, while only four percent said that they had quit due to sexual tensions in the office.
28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- With inspiration provided by the breast cancer survival story of a lineman's wife, Ameren Illinois co-workers are wearing pink hats to raise awareness of and money for breast cancer research and early detection.
Successful co-worker engagement is dependent on how well one is able to understand and act on co-workers' preferences.
We share our knowledge with each other and the buddy system allows our new co-workers to gain experience from our existing co-workers - meaning that new starts are confident and competent.
This must be for insurance purposes, since the odds of someone really rubbing out a co-worker have to run pretty high at these events.
The skills described in this section include instant assessment of individual clients, ongoing monitoring and assessment of individual clients, inter-client dynamics, and group dynamics, planning, coordinating, strategy and intervention development, team communication, violence diffusion, violence intervention, client and co-worker debriefing and program re-evaluation and fine-tuning.
The plaintiff was fired after she had a physical altercation in a warehouse elevator with a male co-worker.
CASTAIC - William Kimble's co-worker, seven months pregnant, collapsed, overcome by toxic fumes that filled the dining hall at one of the Pitchess Detention Center jails.
The teen and a 18-year-old co-worker from a party-supply store were on a lunch break Oct.
Vault also found that a surprising 50% of employees have known a married co-worker to have an affair with someone else at the office.
Department of Transportation DASH bus when a co-worker accidentally hit the accelerator of another bus and pinned Sanchez between both vehicles.