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an associate that one works with

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Dubai: A supervisor has been accused of molesting his co-worker when he made her close her eyes to give her a present before he kissed her lips.
The worker then grabbed a kitchen knife, stabbed his co-worker in the stomach and caused him to bleed profusely.
In a univariate analysis, staff members who reported being uncomfortable with the return of an Ebola responder co-worker who had had no contact to EVD patients were 11 times more likely to work in noninfectious disease program areas (OR = 10.
Our co-workers feel this call and that's why many of them are here.
It will also provide a defence for an employer who is able to show they took all reasonable steps to prevent the detrimental treatment by a co-worker towards a whistleblower.
Successful co-worker engagement is dependent on how well one is able to understand and act on co-workers' preferences.
At their pioneering Edinburgh store, the company will match new starts - or co-workers as they are called in store - with workers at the other end of the age spectrum.
This must be for insurance purposes, since the odds of someone really rubbing out a co-worker have to run pretty high at these events.
The court found that a "handful" of sexual comments that a male co-worker made to the employee, which were in the context of jokes as opposed to serious or threatening comments, did not rise to the level of a hostile work environment under Title VII.
The skills described in this section include instant assessment of individual clients, ongoing monitoring and assessment of individual clients, inter-client dynamics, and group dynamics, planning, coordinating, strategy and intervention development, team communication, violence diffusion, violence intervention, client and co-worker debriefing and program re-evaluation and fine-tuning.
The plaintiff was fired after she had a physical altercation in a warehouse elevator with a male co-worker.
Thus, the present study aims to examine an innovation--job involvement--conflict model which proposes that (1) innovative behaviour interacts with job involvement in providing conflict with co-workers, and (2) this interpersonal conflict mediates the joint impact of innovative behaviour and job involvement on satisfaction with co-worker relations.
4% felt that having a gay or lesbian co-worker created stressful situations at work.
Once you negotiate your new schedule, consider the issue of managing co-worker resentment.
Workers now have the right to have a co-worker represent them at certain meetings.