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Synonyms for cosignatory

one of two or more signers of the same document (as a treaty or declaration)


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signing jointly with others

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Another co-signatory to the letter, psychiatrist Dr William Hopkins of the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, said: "Doctors force-feeding prisoners at Guantanamo are acting as an arm of the military and have abrogated their medical-ethical duties.
Marshall was co-signatory to the Red Rose account along with Motherwell and Wishaw Constituency Labour Party treasurer Liz Wilson.
He said some of the cheques involved in these particular thefts bore the ``forged'' signature of co-signatory MichaelKelly.
Labour AM Alun Pugh - a co-signatory of the bill calling for a smoking ban - said most of the legislation had little chance of making it onto the statute books.
But our political and moral commitment to the people of Hong Kong as co-signatory of the Joint Declaration will be undiminished," Alan Paul said.
Mrs Mason, too, is facing the prospect of civil court proceedings because she was a co-signatory to one of the `loans'.
Co-signatory to the letter, Peter Wheeler, who now works for the Kalamazoo Security Print Group after many years at Kalamazoo, said the Government's introduction of the Financial Assistance Scheme was inadequate.
He said in 1989 he was Chief Whip of the party and it was "normal" for him to be a co-signatory on all cheques from that account.
Further inquiries revealed how Davies repeatedly presented blank cheques to his aunt Mary Noble, one of the charity's trustees, and asked her to sign them as a co-signatory.
A spokeswoman from Mrs Hague's office confirmed she "has not agreed to be a co-signatory of the letter".
The Assembly Government's website states: "As co-signatory to the franchise with the Secretary of State, the Welsh Assembly Government, through Transport Wales, is responsible for the financial and performance management of passenger services covered by the agreement and any enhancements to it.
Ieuan may be leader of Plaid Cymru, but he will govern as the co-signatory of the "One Wales" deal with Labour's Rhodri Morgan.
She had also betrayed the trust of another - a co-signatory on the cheques who could also have fallen under suspicion because of England's behaviour.
The WAG will be a co-signatory to future rail franchises for Wales.
The co-signatory of peace agreement pointed to the need to complete arrangement for its advance team to arrive in Juba and to resolve some of political and security issues in the peace agreement before.