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Synonyms for cosignatory

one of two or more signers of the same document (as a treaty or declaration)


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signing jointly with others

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He should also be the co-signatory of school council accounts.
SAMA is a co-signatory to the demand by the group called Physician's for Human Rights to the Bahraini King to stop trials and punishment of doctors in Bahrain.
The central bank of Malawi has said that it would be a co-signatory to an offshore account held by a unit of Paladin Energy Ltd (PDN).
Eurobond, manufacturer of composite insulated panels, is the co-signatory on this agreement as GIL's main supplier, said Simon Thomas, managing director of Eurobond.
Eurobond, a manufacturer of composite insulated panels, is co-signatory on this agreement as GIL's main supplier.
The University's vice-chancellor and co-signatory to the letter, Professor Chris Higgins, added: "The strong academic and ecumenical background of this invitation means there is simply no more appropriate place in the country to host such an academic lecture than Durham.
A spokesperson for the North East Process Industry Cluster, which was a co-signatory to the letter, said it could not comment on TDG's actions.
As a result, the co-signatory was contacted and the transaction was reversed.
BEIJING - The European co-signatory of a rare petition submitted by international business groups to Premier Wen Jiabao asking that China reconsider a controversial rule on Internet filtering software said Tuesday there has been no reply.
The racing industry should be a co-signatory, because any government move that damages bookmaking is liable equally to hurt the sport that depends on a vibrant betting market for its major funding.
Currently, councillors via bodies like Centro have a say in specifying service levels for regional rail networks as a co-signatory to the franchise agreements.
The mum-of-three was the only paid, full-time member of the organisation and was given blank cheques signed by a co-signatory.
Marshall was co-signatory to the Red Rose account along with the constituency party treasurer Liz Wilson.
Russia continues to insist that America abide by the terms of the 1972 ABM treaty -- despite the fact that the co-signatory of that treaty, the Soviet Union, no longer exists.
Minister of Canadian Heritage Sheila Copps was a co-signatory.