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Synonyms for co-sign

sign jointly

sign and endorse (another person's signature), as for a loan


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A Boogie has already performed with Drake when he opened up for the "One Dance" rapper during one of his Summer Sixteen tour stops, but the two will eventually work on a song together when Drake gives the New York rapper the famous Drake co-sign.
RNs are accountable for their own actions and do not routinely need someone to co-sign their practice.
So, if you ask me, my advice is still not to co-sign.
While most states allow nurse practitioners to prescribe, the degree of prescriptive authority varies from full authority (usually in more rural areas where access to a physician is limited), to authority for all medications except controlled substances, to a requirement that physicians co-sign orders within a predetermined time period, to prescriptive authority by protocol (ie, drugs designated for use for specific conditions).
Andreoli when he persuaded him to co-sign for the $340,000 loan from Northbridge-based UniBank for Savings without informing him that there was a third mortgage on the home and that Mr.
The Program Manager will work with their PEO and operator to determine who will co-sign the Expectation Management Agreements.
For instance, should you co-sign for your sister's car and she misses payments, the creditor will immediately come after you in addition to your sister.
Edmonson's wife, Barbara, is a track coach at USC and since she is considered a representative of the university, Warren could not co-sign.
Marks and Wachsmuth will use the landmark opportunity to co-sign a commitment letter in which Nestle Nigeria agrees to sponsor an additional two years production of The Station on TV and radio.
Joel Fox of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association plans to co-sign and possibly write arguments against all of the tax measures except the library bond, which he said has been given sufficient scrutiny.