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the codefendant charged with adultery with the estranged spouse in a divorce proceeding

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See, for example, the Mulira divorce case naming the Kabaka as a co-respondent.
Counsel said that before this letter was written, the defendant had been away with the wife of a brother officer and friend, and had since been the co-respondent in a case in the Divorce Court.
Although Andrew, 37, initially cited Cowell as co-respondent when he filed for divorce in July, the grounds have now been changed from adultery to an "irretrievable breakdown" of the marriage.
Lauren recently settled her divorce from estranged husband Andrew Silverman, who had filed for divorce in Manhattan Supreme Court, accusing Lauren of 'cruel and inhuman treatment' and named Cowell as co-respondent in the legal papers, and will be receiving 1.
According to reports, Cowell has been named as a co-respondent by the cuckolded real-estate tycoon who filed for a 'fault-divorce based on adultery' against his wife Lauren, despite New York being a no-fault divorce state.
Reagan reportedly cracked to a friend: "Maybe I should name Johnny Belinda as co-respondent.
A MAYBE you could sue for MAYBE you could sue for divorce and name your dad as the co-respondent.
Mr Annett refused to comment on his divorce plans, but a family friend said: "There is a strong possibility that he will be identified as the co-respondent when Mr Annett files for divorce.
He enlivens even a narrative on par ty politics by relating how the unflappable and indestructible Palmerston when in his late seventies was named co-respondent in a divorce petition filed by one O'Kane.
And her former lover, who lives in a rural part of Stoke-on-Trent with wife Josephine, is also named as a co-respondent in the claim.
The Office of the Ombudsman, meanwhile, suspended for three months Garcia's co-respondent in the complaint - Provincial Accountant Emmanuel Guial - due to simple neglect of duty 'for certifying in the subject, the disbursement vouchers, (which) the supporting documents are complete when in fact they lacked the required authority from the SP for respondent Garcia to enter into contract.
The New York socialite has recently finalised her divorce from her real estate mogul husband, Andrew Silverman, who had filed for divorce citing 'adultery' as the reason and named Cowell as co-respondent in the legal papers.
The New South Wales Minister for Resources and Energy is a co-respondent to three of these actions, and is the first respondent in this latest claim.
10 Which conspicuous US socialite, who caused ructions within British Royal Family circles (and elsewhere) in the 1930s, used the highly unlikely name of Miss Buttercup Kennedy as a professional co-respondent during her famous divorce proceedings?
You should go for the divorce and name the computer as co-respondent.