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someone having the same religion as another person

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Comparative theology identifies itself as having a faith perspective as opposed to a neutral perspective, yet the work of comparative theology demands interpretation of the writings of religious "others" as well as co-religionists.
Next, it is always wiser to articulate one's religious beliefs in ways that can be inclusive to your co-religionists, since there is apparently no limit to the totalitarian stance one can assume about one's beliefs and so if you are dogmatic, someone else can always be more so.
In October 2004 he advised the White House to read "Robert Fisk, who is a fellow [Westerner] and a co-religionist of yours, but one whom I consider unbiased.
His personal experience is much more like my own than that of Hahn, born with political spoon in mouth, or even my co-religionist Hertzberg.
The alliance has become so natural that evangelicals were willing to reject co-religionist Harriet Miers as a nominee for the Supreme Court in favor of the more qualified Catholic Samuel Alito.
In 1858 a major uprising by peasants against their co-religionist feudal lords in the predominantly Maronite area of Kisirwan succeeded in throwing out the lords and establishing a commoners' republic.
Should we be surprised," Dietz writes, "if one of his closest friends, his guild colleague and co-religionist Antoine Calvin picked up Scaliger's ever more famous Poetics for his own publishing program?
Clashes regularly erupt between Alawite residents of the Jabal Mohsen neighbourhood, who support their co-religionist Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and Sunnis from the Bab al-Tebbaneh district, who back Sunni-led Syrian rebels.
Shia candidates lamented last year's crackdown on their co-religionist protesters in Bahrain, while Sunni candidates warned of Shia Iran's ambitions in the region.
Much of the resistance came from the majority of Muslims who resented the intrusion of the West and its manipulation of minority co-religionist elements.
TWO brilliant young Muslims helped their co-religionist this week.
Thousands of my co-religionists have been slaughtered in Muslim lands.
Of course, many Westerners welcome the Muslims in the name of diversity," but, interestingly, rich Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE don't welcome the "diversity" of their co-religionists.
Specifically, parents who are of a different religion, or even co-religionists who nevertheless would not want their children to participate in the worshipping of "holy remains", are put in the difficult position of having to choose whether to arrange to stay home from work in order to keep their children at home during this church-related "event", or, to yield to the school's decision.
John Winthrop's use of the biblical "city upon a hill" to describe the Massachusetts Bay Colony, for example, was a reminder to fellow Puritans to be good examples of Puritanism for their co-religionists back home.