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We have seen instances of co-ordinated attacks two times in the past out of the scores of ambushes," he said.
In collaborative projects announcements have to be co-ordinated with all the partners.
The Company's global sales and design activities are co-ordinated through its technical development centre in Canada and supported by sales and design centres in the United States, Japan and Europe.
Summary: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called for a co-ordinated international effort to fight piracy.
GIOVE-A is the first satellite of the Galileo project, a Pounds Sterling multi-billion satellite navigation system co-ordinated by the European Union (EU) and the European Space Agency (ESA).
Both wells are cased and await testing as part of a co-ordinated testing programme including the Kyzyloy Field development wells.
The tender was co-ordinated by Lighthouse Northern Europe Sales Manager, Simon Taylor, and the P16i/o 16mm pixel pitch, 5,000 nits brightness LED screen will be installed during this summer.
Services were axed over safety fears after the co-ordinated invasion by migrants and refugees desperate to break in to the UK early yesterday morning.
The CIA and US special forces are operating a co-ordinated drone campaign in Syria to kill ISIS leaders and operatives involved in a terrorist network beyond its "caliphate's borders".
They had obviously co-ordinated their outfits with singer Olly, 31, in a navy linen suit, which Caroline matched with a silky shirt and hotpants.
Planning Minister John Day said the Regional Planning and Infrastructure Frameworks for the Gascoyne and the Mid-West aimed to bring a co-ordinated, whole-of-government approach to planning decisions in the regions for the first time.
This is the sixth year of the event, co-ordinated by Middlesbrough Council, which aims to help people who have fallen on hard times.
PARIS, Dec 18 (KUNA) -- The International Energy Agency (IEA) on Thursday urged the United States to improve its energy policy and adopt a more "stable and co-ordinated approach" than has been practiced in the past.
At the opening of the annual conference of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union in Bristol, acting general secretary Mick Cash reinforced calls for co-ordinated action against cuts and the threat to jobs and working conditions.
National surveying company Co-Ordinated Surveys, Llandudno, which is among only a handful in its sector to develop its own specialist software for different industry sectors, has been acquired by North Yorkshire-based investment and business development consultancy, Caenby Ltd, for a substantial but undisclosed sum.