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a number that identifies a position relative to an axis

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It was also instructed to co-ordinate with the Interior Ministry and other parties in demarcating the locations of new masts.
24 August 2011 - Spanish construction and engineering firm Isolux Corsan said Tuesday it had mandated Credit Suisse (VTX:CSGN) and Santander (MCE:SAN) to co-ordinate the potential listing of its Brazilian infrastructure unit.
Without learning the basics of how to balance and reach and co-ordinate, all their sporting techniques may well be flawed," he said.
The Hub is launching a web portal to share information and will also co-ordinate the activities of various work streams.
At Nicholl Mr Roberts will lead and co-ordinate the new product development and innovation programme, focusing on building the company's presence in both existing and new market sectors and countries, as well as exploring opportunities for the introduction of new and complementary products and materials.
Now considering that y, [alpha] * [beta] in equation (3) as a second order term which can be neglected, and introducing an angular [theta] co-ordinate (measured from the fixed Ox-axis in the journal sense of rotation) the position of points [M.
They also co-ordinate street clean-ups and planting sessions with volunteers, encouraging as many people as possible to get involved.
She will help co-ordinate campaigns in the region, with a special emphasis on economic issues, and she will liaise with and support the work of both the regional minister and national ministers.
It called on exam boards to co-ordinate schedules more effectively and Chris Howard, NAHT vice-president, said: "The exam boards need to do more to best co-ordinate their efforts so that youngsters don't have this problem of three or four examinations in one day.
The brainchild of a North Wales based horse-rider and entrepreneur, the Co-Ordinate is a multi functional vest that has an impressive collection of pockets, pouches, compartments, slots and toggles, all designed to keep your essential gadgets and equipment to hand.
Four major producers including Arla Foods have launched the Global Dairy Platform to co-ordinate and plan generic marketing and research.
From Tuesday, Belgian, French, British, US and Dutch forces will co-ordinate a series of training exercises involving thousands of men.
As Secretary of State, Cardinal Bertone's position is second only to the Pope's in the Vatican hierarchy; he will co-ordinate the work of major Vatican departments, including their dealings with the Church's worldwide operations.
Fenty will gather Anglicans engaged in ministries in their parishes and their communities to co-ordinate resources, said Bishop Johnson.
The clean hospital watchdogs will co-ordinate the fight against superbugs, and be charged with improving hygiene.