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the selection of a new member (usually by a vote of the existing membership)


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the act of appointing summarily (with or without the appointee's consent)

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Shareholders also ratified the co-option of Dolika Banda, Graham Dempster and Sheila Mmbijjewe as directors for a term of three years respectively.
This legitimacy can be threatened by corruption, co-option by interest groups, oppression of a minority by the majority, or other problems.
ISI was weakened towards the end of the US occupation, due to the 2007 surge in US forces with the co-option of the Sunni tribes of Anbar Province known as the Sunni Awakening Movement, mobilized and funded by the US military army to fight insurgents .
For the co-option of a particular migrant history, in this case that of the Samsui women, involves many elements which the author attempts to identify.
But perhaps most interesting of all is Waitrose's co-option of old media print newspapers into its strategy.
It is a co-option of the ethos of nursing and midwifery with its implied altruism, humanism and clinical professionalism.
Given the powerful depictions of the limits and potential distortion of short-term reforms, this did not appear likely to address the co-option and failure of limited reforms identified throughout the book.
In the hegemonic masquerade of corporate co-option, Goliaths regularly pose as Davids: multinationals produce rustic, artisanal products, and mobile phone giants come up with slogans like 'Power to You'.
By reviewing the history of 'cool selling'--the steady blurring of promotional and non-promotional content in the mass media, and co-option of subcultural resistance as vital oxygen by the marketplace--Serazio sets the scene for the next great leap forward, afforded by the internet and social media: the disaggregation of the Fordist industrial system of advertising production itself.
At its troubling denouement, the novel not only veritably indicts feminism for its co-option by the logic of capital but also shows how completely the anything-sells credo has incurred itself into every crevice of contemporary society.
This mostly takes the form of co-option into the political system and promises over amnesty and immunity.
In an ongoing series of "Cancellations," begun in 2011, Clark attacks De Waal's insistence on genealogical inheritance (symbolized by the journey of his ancestors' vitrine of netsuke) and his co-option of
McMahon's book seeks to examine, as the conclusion restates it, "the :different ways [revenge] plays use reciprocal violence as a problematic enabling the reconstruction of private households and state formations" (190, and the project frequently returns to the "subsequent co-option of the private family by the state" (191).
Nonetheless, however, it does provide the opportunity for those accountable for the commissioning and delivery of police services to be democratically elected for the first time, unlike the Police Authorities that they replaced which comprised members elected in other political spheres prior to their co-option.
Intriguingly, they discovered Wnt5a is the only Wnt gene expressed in the turtle CR region, supporting the possible co-option of limb-associated Wnt signaling in the acquisition of this turtle-specific novelty.