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choose or elect as a fellow member or colleague

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neutralize or win over through assimilation into an established group

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appoint summarily or commandeer

take or assume for one's own use

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Scrutiny Panels act as the council's 'watchdog' - and are made up of co-opted members and councillors who are not part of the decision-making Cabinet.
I do not think anyone could complain about a person co-opted onto a committee, for his specialisation or expertise, receiving the appropriate fees.
Co-opted members who chair committees are paid PS256 for meetings that last over four hours.
The TBA has also co-opted Peter Mendham - the current chairman of the association's taxation group - to its board for a four-year term of office.
Members co-opted on the management sub-committee elected were Phil Davies, Ioan Morris, Iwan Jones, Gwynfryn Jones and Ellen Roberts.
Not only can hipsters in the United States purchase their own "piece de resistance" at their local Urban Outfitters in pink, orange or multicolored designs, but Israelis have also co-opted the keffiyeh and don it in Israel's national colors--blue and white--as a way to normalize Israel's illegal existence, erase indigenous Palestinian cultural symbols and deny the effectiveness of an organized national movement against Israeli colonialism.
Instead of being either co-opted into her new surroundings or going mad from the shocking suddenness of the change, the woman simply bears delirious witness to it.
The newly constituted board co-opted Lars Grunth (Denmark) as member of the 13-person body.
It's true that the "corporate" side of public radio, the boring, big city, NPR station side, has been co-opted into just another electronic McNews aggregator.
The unasked question: As everything gets co-opted, why fear any transgressive pop-culture movement today?
It's more concerned about how many starlets attend the GLAAD Awards than representing the people whose voices it has co-opted.
Wrote Whitehead recently, "Turning to the present day, the close identification of evangelical churches and organizations with the Republican Party, and in particular the current Bush Administration, has, in the opinion of some, resulted in their being manipulated and co-opted by political power.
Or not--Nicole Cox co-opted a jacket for herself, flaunting it like a cape before the garment enigmatically morphed into bird wings.
The classroom has co-opted the computer, rather than the computer transforming the classroom.
But as the meeting started at County Hall in Morpeth, some unelected, co-opted committee members indicated they had not received a copy of the Putting the Learner First strategy document until they arrived that morning.