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choose or elect as a fellow member or colleague

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neutralize or win over through assimilation into an established group

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appoint summarily or commandeer

take or assume for one's own use

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These co-optative pressures and processes have always existed in the charitable sphere but become particularly acute in times like the present, when governments struggle with extensive welfare commitments they no longer can or want to sustain.
With regard to the first identified co-optative phenomenon--the exertion of government influence over the legal definition of charity--the English and Canadian charities regulation regimes have built upon the common law concept of charity in strikingly different ways.
If we turn to the second co-optative phenomenon--governments creating statutory charities--the contrast between the English and Canadian regimes is even starker.
Although working from within the grid of research techniques and ethics of the institutional space of literary studies allows Hassan to understand and situate Season of Migration to the North, it leads him to a fragmented and co-optative (5) analysis with Bandarshah because he is unable to qualify what he means by Salih's use of "tradition" (i.
As a result, the analysis is limited by certain methodological practices that are co-optative.
The same kind of co-optative and deceptive practices are likely to flourish under the 2006 amendments to the ALRA.