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the selection of a new member (usually by a vote of the existing membership)


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the act of appointing summarily (with or without the appointee's consent)

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When there is a need for the government to co-opt the economic elite, it may select its co-optation targets based on some cost-benefit analysis.
The worry that civic groups funded by government will be subject to co-optation is certainly legitimate, but the worry is also universal.
In a broader picture, networks affect competition in more complex ways: co-optation, group based competition, and competition between networks and other organizational forms (pp.
McCann examines how the Brazilian army developed, how it was co-opted by civilian elites, how processes of professionalization and Europeanization disrupted bonds of co-optation, how the stress of rebellion and social change in the 1920s led to its unraveling in 1930, and how it reinvented itself in the 1930s, eventually becoming the backbone of the Estado Novo dictatorship after 1937.
politics and foreign policy, who regrets progressivism's co-optation by the vague bipartisan liberalism of post--World War II politics, and who awaits its revival in the twenty-first century.
He's referring, of course, to the murder and violence unleashed by many Muslims across the world because a Danish newspaper dared to run satirical cartoons lampooning the co-optation of religious faith for terrorism.
Yet for all Koch's well-known playfulness and hilarity, which is in ample evidence here, this work is haunted by those powers of violence and co-optation that his humor and invention are posed to resist.
In this vein, Cooper also examines the co-optation of equality politics and jurisprudence for the "collective self-interpellation of seemingly powerful groups through discourses of vulnerability" (p.
These technologies are: language/ signification as a mechanism of power construction, technologies of invisibility/silencing, co-optation of identities through representation, and corporatization.
This co-optation, or 'twisting of camp away from its radical/progressive/critical potential', takes place because of camp's inherent ambiguity.
If the Palestinian Arab community was, in fact, weak (traditional, tribal, vulnerable to co-optation and intimidation or corrupt), as the above authors suggest, then we would have seen greater success in the Israeli state policy of divide and rule, and in the intended alienation and division of Arab Palestinian citizens.
Perhaps most importantly, the commercialization of government and culture and the growing importance of material acquisition and consumer lifestyles was hastened by the co-optation of potentially countervailing institutions, such as churches (papal visits have been sponsored by Pepsi, Federal Express and Mercedes-Benz), governments, schools, universities and nongovernmental organizations.
Ottoman co-optation of the notables and landowners whom they deputized as officials blurred a common identity.
First, it is the only volume to date to present Jewish themes in popular TV in unabashed technical, academic language like "the co-optation of multiculturalism," "dystopian scenario," "carceral space," "diegetically imploded," and "foregrounding" (as a verb) one's Jewishness (18, 112).
Co-optation, a common tactic of colonization, has corrupted all forms of governance in the country, Sokonibogi believes.