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the selection of a new member (usually by a vote of the existing membership)


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the act of appointing summarily (with or without the appointee's consent)

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Dr Orbie observed that from a critical perspective and drawing on evidence from innovative survey data, qualitative interviews and participatory observations, the report concluded that, despite overall criticism, there is no clear evidence of co-optation.
When does resistance shade into or purposefully yield to co-optation, and how path-dependent are the strategies that activists choose?
183) refer to as "frame co-optation," which they describe as "a process where opponents adopt aspects of the content of a movement's discourse, while subverting its general intent.
Co-optation through discourse, which happens when politicians adopt the demands of protesters and make claims similar to the demands of protesters.
If -- and this is a big if -- "mass beliefs can be manipulated sufficiently by means of censorship, co-optation, and propaganda.
Of course, Fatton recognizes the issue of co-optation and the lack of financial resources.
As the author rightly argues, "the question is not, however, whether Latin America will now revert to full-scale authoritarianism (although several of the economically poorest and weakly institutionalized countries might), but whether it can blend, fuse, and engage the contradictory currents of democracy and the desire for strong, effective government; free associability and the control, co-optation, and corporatization of socioeconomic group life that swirl within each of the countries" (pp.
Sergei Guriev, Sciences Po (Paris), and Daniel Treisman, University of California, Los Angeles, and NBER, "How Modern Dictators Survive: Co-optation, (Censorship, Propaganda, and Repression" (NBER Working Paper No.
Industry co-optation of treaty meetings has been a growing problem and a primary obstacle to progress.
Its chief argument is that under capitalism, a 'hollowed out, carefully managed version of "democracy"' (p 1) functions to 'limit or repress the imagination of the possible or even conceivable' (p 4) and, through co-optation and repression, to 'protect the unequal power-structures of capitalism from the potential force of participatory democracy' (p 6).
This article explores the legal environment for charities in Canada and in England and Wales, and identifies certain legal and institutional mechanisms that may either encourage or limit the co-optation of charitable resources by government.
He describes the co-optation of the military by the Marcos regime as though it happened slowly during the martial law era.
Writers also discuss the social downside of Hip Hop, its glorification of of gang culture, greed and misogyny as the result of co-optation by the mainstream, and a perversion of Hip Hop's original impulse.
In a meeting earlier this week, the Board of Directors of EVS acknowledged the resignation of Muriel De Lathouwer as Director and has immediately appointed "MucH SPRL" (represented by Muriel De Lathouwer as permanent representative) as Director under the co-optation process, and subsequently, as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of EVS.
This month over at Apogee , Jordanian author Hisham Bustani, Palestinian-American author Naomi Shihab Nye, and Palestinian-Canadian author-translator Thoraya El-Rayyes had a three-way conversation about commercialization, co-optation, experimentation, and what it means to write interestingliterature: