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choose or elect as a fellow member or colleague

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neutralize or win over through assimilation into an established group

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appoint summarily or commandeer

take or assume for one's own use

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Government agencies face ongoing security risks from viruses, worms and sophisticated blended threats, such as Code Red, Nimda and Klez, that target network vulnerabilities, rapidly infect via multiple means, compromise data and co-opt networks during coordinated cyber attacks.
To co-opt what's left of the world's vanishing oil reserves, the Bush/ Cheney plan would promote the ascension of US oil companies in Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and the Persian Gulf.
In effect, one computer can co-opt other Internet computers to solve pieces of a complex computational problem.
Institutions will inevitably co-opt the creative soul: the group will invariably stifle the individual.
They are certain that corporate America will co-opt any serious spiritual movement, much as it has done other cultural change -- from rock and roll to environmentalism.
Apparently not," remarked the San Jose Mercury News, "which makes this another transcendently clumsy attempt to co-opt a newly popular buzzword and turn it to political advantage.
216 specifically allows a co-op shareholder to deduct his portion of the real estate taxes paid by the co-opt Furthermore, these Sec.
His expertise has been a huge asset to the ROA, and the decision has therefore been taken to co-opt him on to the council, which allows us to continue to benefit from his outstanding knowledge.
When he marbleizes, Melee is channeling Pollock (and Stewart) by way of Warhol (that master of polyvalent meaning), who may have been the first artist to co-opt Pollock's macho paint-flinging with his "Oxidization Paintings.
Yet his critics point to the mayor as a brilliantly manipulative racial politician--somebody who knows how to co-opt Black preachers and Latino businessmen, who lets his friends of all backgrounds get rich off the public dime and who crushes even the first hint of an independent movement.
In a nutshell: Despite the efforts of a talented cast, this attempt to co-opt Hollywood razzle-dazzle fizzles.
are able to co-opt Moore's popularity among Christian conservatives and win their races, Moore's influence in Alabama politics--and perhaps nationally--is sure to grow.
The progressive impulse to encourage women to read because literacy provided them with "cultural scripts" that kept them firmly under the thumb of patriarchy was balanced by fear of the possibility they might co-opt them for subversive purposes.
How can they look down on gays if we co-opt the "family values" that they believe give them privilege in society, in church, and in heaven?
They try to get in touch with the bad guys, the enemies, and co-opt them in some way, with money or something else"--which is quite different from forging a working relationship.