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a jointly owned commercial enterprise (usually organized by farmers or consumers) that produces and distributes goods and services and is run for the benefit of its owners

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And if that last one doesn't bring home the flexibility of both the co-op business model and the types of work co-ops can do, nothing will
Managers of that CO-OP have said they have a deal in place and need CMS permission to restructure the company's operations under a more flexible for-profit charter.
Resource & Environmental Management (MRM) Co-op, (PhD)
Since 2003, CO-OP LoanLink Center has had an exclusive agreement to use the Next Generation Network platform, which is part of CO-OP Financial Services today.
5 million in loans during August, including a $4 million first mortgage for an 89-unit co-op located at 2199 Holland Avenue in Bronx, N.
Scholars and community activists called for more research on cooperatives in response to a Department of Agriculture hearing in September, beseeching officials to study urban and worker-owned co-ops among different racial groups.
This is a valuable alternative to named peril condo and co-op insurance policies that only cover specific perils.
He also noted that Hansen must have been aware of the rules and accepted them when she was granted her type of membership in the co-op, including its termination upon her mother's death and the restriction on survivorship provisions.
West Central is a farmer-owned operation that's gone far beyond the idea of a local co-op.
15) The legitimacy of generalizing Silver Spring's experience to other co-op nursery schools is tested here by reference to that of two neighboring schools, the Takoma Park Co-operative Nursery School and Kensington Cooperative Nursery School, which also possess rich archives.
The co-op felt it was important for its members' work to have legitimacy beyond Winnipeg," says Derochers and so the WFG decided to tackle international distribution in 1981.
Dave Gutknecht, publisher and editor of the trade publication Cooperative Grocer, sees the biggest advantages of a co-op coming from its local control and sensitivity to community needs.
The manager had obtained loans from the co-op of approximately $4 million to built the plant.
Education Plus Work Equals Co-0p Co-Op is short for cooperative education, a program that links the classroom with the workplace to provide an education with career relevance.