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Synonyms for co-occurrence

an event or situation that happens at the same time as or in connection with another

the temporal property of two things happening at the same time

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A new study examined urine drug test results to measure the co-occurrence of non-prescribed fentanyl in populations of heroin-positive healthcare patients across the United States, US-based health solutions company Millennium Health said.
The results of this study will provide novel insight into the potential co-occurrence of these conditions within an emerging adult population and inform future research in the therapeutic management and prevention of low back pain.
As there is strong evidence of the co-occurrence of alcohol and psychological distress and its preponderance in males, (20,32) the confounding effect of alcohol use was controlled to report gender differences in prevalence rates.
In this paper, the red, green and blue (RGB) histograms and co-occurrence feature vectors were estimated from thermal images using ANN.
We used a semantic network approach to look at hashtag co-occurrence patterns.
Keywords: Linguistic variation, Pakistani English, MD analysis, Newspaper Editorials, Linguistic patterns of co-occurrence.
The multidimensional indexing is used after the process of extracting color and spatial feature and stored the values of Hue, Saturation, Value, Color Histogram and Color co-occurrence matrix with the images for increasing retrieval speed.
Although recent studies have assessed the prevalence of the co-occurrence of anxiety and bipolar disorders, the topic remains insufficiently studied, particularly in pediatric populations.
We arranged the dataset in a incidence matrix (with species presence/absence in rows and plots in columns) and used the checkerboard index (C-board) to calculate co-occurrence degree of the main species (Gotelli and Entsminger, 2001).
She covers affected experiencers, not-at-issue applicative arguments, benefactives, part-whole applicatives, the dative of inaction, and the co-occurrence of applicatives.
In 2008, researchers conducted a study to assess the co-occurrence of SCI and TBI.
These claims were first substantiated with the study of intrasentential co-occurrence of antonym adjectives by Justeson and Katz (1991) that showed that antonyms co-occur within one sentence much more frequently than expected, and that the syntagmatic properties of antonymy relations are therefore highly relevant in identifying and extracting possible antonymy candidates.
Alongside with the North Estonian, South Estonian and Livonian languages, Soikkola Ingrian is one of the most complicated and peculiar dialects for its gemination and strengthening phenomena and their co-occurrence within the paradigm.
The features are extracted from the Gabor transformations and through the co-occurrence matrix (Marana, et al.