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insurance issued jointly by two or more underwriters

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It can help pay out-of-pocket expenses including co-insurance, co-pays and deductibles, as well as other ancillary expenses associated with a covered illness or accident.
In addition, the Company's life insurance subsidiary acquires and co-insures up to a 50% interest in policies issued by primary insurance companies that have entered into modified co-insurance agreements with Rushmore Life Insurance Company.
The first contract under this strategic alliance agreement includes significant gains in quality, affordable health insurance for employees and their families, including improvements in the employee share of premium costs; a cap on deductible, co-insurance, and co-pays; and a commitment to developing full employer-paid health insurance through the strategic alliance.
Collecting this balance, including deductible and co-insurance, before the patient leaves the office will allow the group to reduce outstanding receivables as well as the costs related to patient billing and collections.
Layered co-insurance is a special risk-sharing program with mortgage lenders which expands underwriting guidelines beyond the flexibilities which already exist under traditional affordable housing guidelines.
XL Re Life America is licensed in 48 states and will initially write traditional mortality reinsurance on both a yearly renewable term (YRT) and co-insurance basis, with a focus on smaller- and medium-sized life writers seeking to mitigate their triple X reserve strain.
Allowing members continued access to all contracted specialists in the network -- Giving members the choice to see any specialist they choose based on their benefit plan -- Providing that co-insurance/payment level for members who want to see a non-CIGNA Care Network in-network physician remain at the standard in-network level established by their employer -- Providing savings to members who see a CIGNA Care Network designated specialist through a lower co-payment or co-insurance level than the standard in-network level
In an open-ended question asking about marketplace trends in group medical, respondents reported that some employers were changing to co-insurance with deductibles, rather than co-pays, for higher priced medical procedures such as out-patient surgery, MRIs, CAT scans and specialty injectable medications.
ACE Life is licensed in 49 states and will initially write mortality reinsurance on both a yearly renewable term (YRT) and co-insurance basis, with a focus on companies seeking reserve relief from regulation XXX as well as excess mortality cover.
Andrea Zecevic, VSHE IT Consultant, says; "Their back-office software provides easy integration and claims management with the existing software of the co-insurance company.
HSA-compatible plans offering comprehensive physician visit and hospital coverage, with a deductible, co-insurance on all services and the standard tax advantage of an HSA.
The aim of this European public procurement is the conclusion of a fire insurance contract between the Contracting authority, in a transparent manner in the capacity of contracting authority in the broadest sense of the word, and risk bearer , possibly in co-insurance.
However, HealthPocket also found that 82% of dental plans studied charged a co-insurance fee for major dental expenses such as crowns or root canals.
Co-Insurance--It is common for commercial property policies to include a co-insurance clause.