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be a co-author on (a book, a paper)

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The researchers analyze the ethnic identity of co-authors with U.
There is no general definition of what is expected to identify an author and, for the most part, it is left to the authors to identify the co-authors and to list the order of their inclusion.
The award was presented to the two co-authors at the Amsterdam RAI Congress Centre by Dr.
Cnaan and his co-authors reveal that religious congregations make a very significant contribution to social welfare not only in terms of the goods and services they deliver but in terms of their wider educational and advocacy role.
Despite the impressive credentials of the three co-authors, however, the tone of their writing tends to be somewhat amateurish, and the scope of their literary criticism is far broader than it is deep; indeed, they seem throughout to be working just a little too hard to prove their thesis in order to distinguish their own efforts from those of others who have catalogued and analyzed King's writings before them.
a former Moscow correspondent for Newsweek, is co-author with Murray Feshbach of Ecocide in the USSR.
Glynn Custred, one of the measure's co-authors, said the ruling confirms what he has been arguing.
There is a pervasive misunderstanding and misuse of these two terms in the health industry, even among industry experts, confounding an already complex topic," write the co-authors.
We're delighted that conference attendees saw significance and value in the work between Brion and our esteemed co-authors from Freescale and Applied.
The panel will be moderated by Joe and Terry Graedon, co-authors of the nationally syndicated column "The People's Pharmacy.
According to one of the co-authors of the studies, this research provides valuable information that business executives can use to optimize their potential for successful leadership.
Attention Editors: The white paper co-authors and other Clearswift personnel will be available for interviews on request.