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be a co-author on (a book, a paper)

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News stories constantly question the effectiveness of a given supplement and often erroneously report that this industry is unregulated," said panel co-moderator Terry Graedon, co-author of "The People's Pharmacy.
com), legislative advisor on privacy and security to Clearswift and co-author of the white paper.
Headquartered in San Diego, California, the company was formed in 2002 by John Matze, one of the original co-authors of the iSCSI standard.
Nasdaq:ADSK), the world's leading design software and digital content company, today announced the company has been recognized as a co-author of the proposed OpenGIS(R) Location Services (OpenLS(TM)) Implementation Specification by the Open GIS Consortium (OGC).
I still go to Martha's books and magazines for new ideas," says co-author Singer.
co-Authors Requirements on Enabling Innovative Multimodal
The principal author of the paper was Achim Nohl, corporate applications engineer, LISATek; along with co-authors Andreas Hoffmann of LISATek; Gunnar Braun, Oliver Schliebusch, and professor Rainer Leupers of the Institute for Integrated Signal Processing Systems (ISS) at Aachen University of Technology; and professor Heinrich Meyr, LISATek Chairman of the Board and head of the ISS at Aachen University of Technology.
Robert co-authored High-Impact Hiring: A Comprehensive Guide to Performance-Based Hiring and also co-authors a monthly newspaper column titled "On Management.
In addition, the impact of AACSB-International on research endeavors of business faculty was to be determined as well as the preferred arrangement of listing co-authors on a published work.
We All Fall Down: Goldratt's Theory Of Constraints For Healthcare Systems, delightfully co-authored by Julie Wright and Russ King is an entertaining and thought-provoking novel in which co-authors Julie Wright and Russ King explore the intricate world of TOC and its effective use when applied to health care and service industries.
Fred Nijkerk and Wijnand Dalmijn, co-authors of the Handbook of Recycling Techniques, have been honored as co-recipients of the first Dutch Re-cycling Award.
It is in this context that Cnaan and his co-authors have sought to assess the contribution that religious congregations make to social welfare.
That said, I'm guessing that King himself would be among the first to suggest that the co-authors of this book go a step or two too far in arguing their somewhat over-extended thesis that all of King's writings function together within one great multiverse--"a cluster of universes existing in parallel dimensions.