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be a co-author on (a book, a paper)

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The co-author will be kept informed and provided with regular reports.
What is the preferred arrangement for co-author listing on publications?
Jane Kurtz, Buzzeo's co-author, says she's surprised more schools aren't connecting with authors in this way.
Nancy Michaels, co-author, president, and founder of Impression Impact, a consultancy for companies that want to reach small businesses, says that the book's most valuable points are the examples and how they were applied.
Co-author Ray Daniels is a veteran craft brewer and author, who also works for the Boulder, Co-based Association of Brewers.
No more than a quarter of Russian companies are clear winners, and only a small number of those firms are likely tO be able tO finance their modernization out of their profits" Of the 75 percent of the firms "in need of radical and far-reaching restructuring," Professor Blasi and his co-authors say, "at least a quarter.
Representative Jim Abeler of Anoka -- Chief Author -- Representative Tom Huntley of Duluth, co-author -- Representative Brad Finstad of New Ulm, co-author -- Representative Fran Bradley of Rochester, co-author -- Representative Mary Ellen Otremba of Long Prairie, co-author -- Senator Sheila Kiscaden of Rochester -- Chief Author -- Senator Becky Lourey of Kerrick, co-author -- Senator Linda Berglin of Minneapolis, co-author -- Senator Don Betzold of Fridley, co-author -- Senator Linda Higgins of Minneapolis, co-author.
It's been proven that people have the same response to male and female computer voices as they do to people in real life, and the same prejudices,'' says Byron Reeves, a social science professor at Stanford, and co-author of ``The Media Equation: How People Treat Computers, Television and the New Media Like Real People and Places'' (Cambridge University Press; $27.
Development of Hollow Typed Plastic Clutch Pedal" by author Soo Chul Park, assistant manager, Polymeric Materials Research Team, Hyundai, and co-author, Jin Myung Choi.
Duke) has the right to do it, but why go out of your way to invite him when we have far, far more competent people,'' said Glynn Custred, a co-author of Proposition 209.
The results showed a continuation of the strong positive trend in venture valuations," said Barry Kramer, partner in the firm and co-author of the survey.
The whole thing is just kind of annoying,'' said an irritated Mark Olshaker, the co-author of the Pocket Books manuscript, which was completed 13 days after the capture of the Unabomber suspect, Theodore John Kaczynski, on April 3.
O'Neill and his co-author, Kathleen Ritter, offer an eight- stage process to help readers move through grief and loss to reach a point of spiritual wholeness and fulfillment.
If you're going to invest in biotech, you must understand the business model and how scientific results affect share price," says Boris Bogdan, MD and co-author.
We never forgive the heinous crime, but use his story to delve into the way his family among others failed him and his victims," says co-author Dr.