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an injection of a liquid through the anus to stimulate evacuation

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Not only is this moment a lewd allusion to flatulence and rectums, which was one staple of mountebank humor, the mention of clysters and pipes is also a reference to mountebank cures.
Not surprisingly, the French led the fashion: the 17th century is described in France as the "Golden Age of the Enema", or clyster, as it was called.
Test surface seawater was obtained 50 m offshore on the south coast of Singapore (SO in clyster IV of Figure 1), and aliquots were subjected to SPE using C18, HLB, or diol cartridges, as described in "Materials and Methods.
The context in which this is said--a discussion on whether a clyster should always precede venesection, or only in certain cases--suggests once again that Arabic authorities were most relevant to practical medicine.
Medicine did not work till a clyster was applied, which was operated well and afforded him temporary relief through the day.
For the importance of smell in this passage, see Saunders, "Iago's Clyster," 170-71; and Dennis Kezar, "Shakespeare's Addictions," Critical Inquiry 30, no.