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a shield-like plate on the front of an insect's head

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Frontoclypeal suture dark brown; upper margin of clypeus with central medium brown band between light brown and dark brown bands on each side, lower portion whitish; labrum whitish, its apex light brown (Fig.
9); clypeus of some species with white markings or a white line; chelicerae frequently with dark bands anteriorly; eye region white or brown with eye tubercles greyish white; abdomen cream to yellow-brown, mottled with white, brown or blackish brown, some with a white pattern of longitudinal and cross lines; variably shaped brown markings on abdomen, leg segments, palpi and sternum.
Schuhirandella is likely most closely related to the Australian endemic genus Rayieria, as it has frons and clypeus bulged, labium of similar length and structure.
Clypeus usually sparsely punctate in its upper part and impunctate in lower part.
2E), covered with dense, long setae; apical portion of frons and basal part of clypeus distinctly convex (Fig.
2A, B) setulose, apically rounded and laterally expanded in dorsal view; bent ventrally beyond clypeus.
Chilum (small sclerite between base of chelicerae and clypeus, Jocque 1991:11) absent, median eyes further removed from each other than from laterals (Figs.
This is confirmed by the occurrence of littoral brackish-water diatoms, such as Campylodiscus clypeus, Mastogloia baltica, and M.
Bristles: eight long, nine short on caput in mid-dorsal line; two long, two short anteromedially; 10 long, nine short between PME; nine long, eight short between AME; six long, one short on clypeus edge.
0 mm; cranium smooth, colour yellowish brown; frons with median longitudinal depression, single posterior frontal seta and single anterior angle seta; one round pigmented area medially at each side of frontal suture; dorsoepicranium with 2 widely separated, medium sized setae at each side; tentorial pits evident; stemmata evident; clypeus subtrapezoidal in shape, with 1 posterior clypeal seta and 1 or 2 exterior clypeal setae; preclypeus weakly sclerotized, without setae; labrum with anterior border trilobed and clithra present; epipharynx (Fig.
The Palaeartic Callirhytis species are characterized by the following combination of characters: a transversely sculptured scutum, a face with carinae radiating from the clypeus, with malar sulcus present, a longitudinally striated mesopleuron (in part) and with the projecting part of the hypopygial spine relatively short (Nieves-Aldrey 1992, 2001).
After a career as a secretary/PA followed by devoting 14 years to bringing up her three children, Shirley Billing, 71, from Pembrokeshire travelled the globe for 23 years with her husband Peter, 74, an electronic design engineer in their two-masted 35-foot ketch Clypeus.
Companies represented in the area include Battle Mountain, Eaglecrest, Exalibur, Iron River, Clypeus, Akiko, and SSR.