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being ten more than one hundred sixty

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51-6; Pat Gibbons, Niamh Mulryan and Art O'Connor, 'Guilty but Insane: the Insanity Defence in Ireland, 1850-1995', British Journal of Psychiatry, CLXX (1997), pp.
The text of the third letter treats the roles of Mary Magdalen and Saint Catherine of Alexandria, as illustrated in the title of the published edition (number CLXX, C, pp.
7) The source for this remark is Augustine's sermon CLXX, in which he contrasts a marble house inhabited by evil people to a 'shack full of smoke where good people live':(8) just as 'house' can refer either to the structure or the inhabitants, so too 'this world' can refer to all people or specifically to sinners as in John 14:30 ('princeps mundi huius').
Pullaienus Florus Caecilianus gives his career as praefectus iure dicundo, sacerdos Cereris anni CLXX, duovir, flamen perpetuus coloniae Concordiae Iuliae Karthaginis.
Tender notice number : 8FBSU/1606/3/LGS/742/01 PART CLXX