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a pedal or lever that engages or disengages a rotating shaft and a driving mechanism

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Customers can now escape the clutch pedal in exchange for bells and whistles like a top-end stereo or anti-lock brakes - which are less important in stop-and-go city driving.
The clutch pedal lever in these units is susceptible to cracking on continued usage, the statement added.
TOM: And all that time when you're revving the engine and slowly releasing the clutch pedal, you're essentially sanding down your clutch disc.
Mr Evans said: "The only thing they had to do was bolt a 2ins block of wood to his clutch pedal so he could depress the clutch properly.
Cruise control systems are designed to turn off immediately with a slight touch of the brake or clutch pedal, and most controls will cut out if the driver accidentally shifts from drive to neutral.
If the front wheels skid, dip the clutch pedal and let the car slide a bit.
Inside the A-star there is no change except the auto gear stick with different modes and the absence of clutch pedal and instrument panel which shows the modes of automatic.
When the clutch pedal is released and the gearshift is positioned in neutral the ClearTec's engine will switch off to save fuel and reduce emissions.
As soon as you spot the cars in front starting to move, press the clutch pedal and the engine will automatically burst into life.
Motorists who 'coast' their cars out of gear or drive with the clutch pedal pressed down are frowned upon by the official book of rules governing road users.
Dad had an F-12; he also put a block of wood on the clutch pedal and two pulleys on the front of the tractor.
If the engine has been stopped and the clutch pedal has not been depressed for more than three minutes, the engine can only be restarted using the ignition key.
The big change is the ditching of the regular manual gearbox in preference for a 6-speed MCP gearbox which is an electronically controlled six-speed manual but without a clutch pedal.
The 308 range also gets a second new transmission, the six-speed electronically controlled manual gearbox, which removes the need for a clutch pedal.
Whenever the car comes to a stop, the system automatically switches off the engine as soon as the driver shifts to neutral and takes his foot off the clutch pedal.