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growing close together but not in dense mats

clustered together but not coherent

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The first part of clustered network storage discussed the general principles of this compelling architecture.
As it does with Oracle9i RAC, Matrix Server provides database and systems administrators with the simplest option for deploying and managing clustered Oracle10g databases in production, real-world environments.
Both in the gaps between galaxies that are clustered and in the lonelier neighborhoods outside those clusters, magnetic fields are remarkably strong, a scientific team reports.
The 91 CAI skilled occupations were clustered on the basis of their R-I-A-S-E-C profile similarity according to Ward's (1963) minimum variance method using the CLUSTAN package (Wishart, 1978).
Clustered storage is similar to clustered computing, providing an on-demand shared storage environment similar to the cluster model for compute resources.
This hypothesis lies at the heart of most currently popular models for structure formation in the universe, which propose that [the patterns of] galaxies and larger structures originate from small clumps of dark matter that clustered together to form progressively larger objects," says West.
While virtual disks may be created and used, pairs of controllers do not operate in a clustered fashion.
SilverStorm Technologies, the leader in high performance interconnect solutions for clustered computing and a Certified Partner in the Oracle(R) PartnerNetwork, announced today that it is working in tandem with Oracle on trials with select customers of Reliable Datagram Sockets (RDS) InfiniBand interconnect solution for Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle's database clustering solution used by over 7,000 customers to provide high availability and scalability in the database tier.
Now, on the horizon, are a number of clustered storage systems capable of supporting multiple petabytes of capacity and tens of gigabytes per second aggregate throughput--all in a single global namespace with dynamic load balancing and data redistribution.
While each of the consoles in the cluster operates autonomously, all performance and operational metrics received by one of clustered consoles is stored and replicated on the others.
Clustered architectures aggregate processing power across application modules, while increasing performance and responsiveness and providing near-linear scale.
SilverStorm Technologies, the leader in high performance interconnect solutions for clustered computing, today announced it has been working with Microsoft and select early adopter customers during beta testing of Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003.
These include parallel and distributed file systems (sometimes called clustered file systems), such as DFS, PVFS, Sistina's GFS, Silicon Graphics' CXFS and IBM's GPFS.
The TOP500 list of the world's fastest supercomputers, released in June 2005, included more than 300 configurations using a clustered server approach -- a new record.
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