cluster bomblet

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one of the smaller bombs that are released from a cluster bomb


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Among the weapons dropped were 270 million cluster bomblets, many of which failed to explode and remain scattered across the country, the NRA said.
1) But in conflicts where cluster bombs are utilized and when the battles have ended, unexploded cluster bomblets inevitably remain, sometimes wounding and killing innocent people when they return to their homes.
The main concerns here were small yellow cluster bomblets, along with grenades, mortar rounds, and rocket-propelled grenades.
Missile Carrying Cluster Bomblets Used, 50 Civilians Killed
In a news conference in Amman on Monday, Yoshiaki Ito, deputy managing editor of the Mainichi Shimbun, said the metal device that exploded during a security check appears to have been a cluster bomblet Gomi picked up while he was traveling in Iraq.
The assistant admitted on Tuesday he brought back to Jordan a bell-shaped object he had received from Gomi, which is also believed to be a cluster bomblet.
Akira Saito, president of Japan's Mainichi Shimbun newspaper, apologized to King Abdullah II of Jordan on Thursday over last week's explosion at Amman airport that killed one Jordanian security guard and wounded three other people when a cluster bomblet in a Mainichi photographer's luggage exploded.
AIP also reported that an unexploded cluster bomblet killed three children and injured seven others in Gorko in Nagarhar Province, about 8 km from the Pakistani border Monday morning.
During the process, 2,787 Anti-Personnel Mines, 163 Anti-Tank mines, 3,419 Unexploded Ordnance, 92 Unexploded Bombs and 28,719 Cluster Bomblets have been destroyed.
The United Nations and human rights groups have said Israel dropped about 4 million cluster bomblets during the 2006 war.
Cluster bomblets are packed by the hundreds into artillery shells, bombs or missiles, which scatter them over vast areas.
food rations, and replacing its older model cluster bomblets with newer
The United Nations estimates that Israel dropped more than four million cluster bomblets in southern Lebanon during the summer war.
Unlike conventional weapons, cluster bomblets survive for many years, luring little children with their ?
Tomahawk cruise missile armed with cluster bomblets was used in a December attack that killed more than 40 civilians in Yemen.