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drought-tolerant herb grown for forage and for its seed which yield a gum used as a thickening agent or sizing material

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The impact of different time of sowing on seed and stalk yield of cluster bean reported in table 2 indicated that 1st February sowing ([D.
cluster bean variety GG 2 sown on 1st February with 60 cm row spacing; followed by treatment combination [D.
In light of the above results it can be concluded that summer cluster bean variety GG-2 should be sown on 1st February with wider row spacing of 60 cm for getting higher yield and monetary return.
The mixture of maize with sesbania at seed ratio of 75:25, 50:50, 25:75 and 0:100 exhibited higher CP percentage than sole maize and either sown in mixture with cowpea or cluster bean at similar seed ratios.
Results of total ash of legumes were quite similar with those of Ahmad (2006) who reported that cowpea gave significantly higher ash percentage than mung bean, cluster bean and sesbania.
T10= Sorghum sown at 30 cm apart rows and cluster bean in between the rows###13.
Key words: Phosphorus, potassium, forage yield, quality, cluster bean.
The cluster bean is a bushy legume which occupies a major portion of moisture deficient areas of the sub-continent.
Hence, the present study was confined on the epidemiological aspects of blights and powdery mildew of cluster bean was undertaken.
The experiment was conducted to find out the effect of weather conditions on development of Powdery mildew, Alternaria blight and Bacterial leaf blight on susceptible cluster bean cultivar.
Sorghum sown in 30 cm apart rows and intercropped with cluster bean in between the rows (T9) produced significantly higher mixed green forage yield of 69.
T5= blended seed of sorghum and cluster bean broad cast method, T6= blended seed of sorghum and cluster bean 30 cm apart rows, T7=blended seed of sorghum, cluster bean and cowpea broad cast, T8=blended the seeds of sorghum, cluster bean and cowpea 30 cm apart rows, T9= sorghum sown in 30 cm apart rows and cowpea in between the rows and T10= sorghum sown in 30 cm apart rows and cluster bean in between the rows.
SECMC officials told the press that pilot project executed by Thar Foundation (TF), a subsidiary of SECMC, seedlings of cluster beans, melon, lentil and other local crops were initially grown on a two acre plot in Thar Coal Block-II.
The dry spell in Tharparkar district which has been ongoing over the last three years (20122014) continues to deprive local growers of their main crops: cluster beans and millet.
The most important crops are cluster beans, mustard and barley, whereas, tree species are Acacia, Zizyphus usable as timber and fruit.