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Synonyms for clunky

lacking grace in movement or posture

making a clunking sound

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Most of the editing functions are, again, a little too clunky to endure on a daily basis, but are ultimately functional.
The company unveiled a clunky bit of kit as it gave the press the low down on its latest trials at its High Wycombe store.
Sometimes unimaginative, clunky language can be pardoned if a writer comes correct with a good narrative, and that's where Mr.
There are spam filters available for most e-mail software, but they are clunky and require a considerable amount of time and effort to use effectively.
If you think there is a difference to your knees between wearing spiky, stiletto high heels versus the clunky, wide-heeled variety, you're right.
These services are feature-deficient, slow (especially during busy times of day) and clunky.
Son Jon, who joined the company in 1974, said, "It was a clunky old machine, about three and a half feet tall.
Worried by the year-2000 problem, tax lawyers and others familiar with the IRS's clunky computers warn businesses to be especially careful when sending tax-related data and funds to the agency next year.
The giant Santa Clara chip maker says it wants to transform those clunky beige boxes, which Compaq and Dell churn out by the million, into quieter, more attractive home accessories which are far easier to use.
And it wasn't until one hundred years a o that it became Back then, surfers lugged clunky boards that weighed as much as 150 to the beach.
Leaden, clunky prose, without resonance, guaranteed to turn children off reading.
This can reduce the need to engage in a time-consuming hunt for the best online videos or suffer from clunky streaming video downloads that freeze up or refuse to play at all.
But, after calling it off, it's not long before her cat goes missing, a neighbour meets a CLUNKY Predictable nasty end and her most intimate moments are being secretly filmed and emailed to work colleagues.
Overall a great game, ham-strung by some clunky controls.
The action is studiedly clunky, the dialogue (courtesy of the usually sharp Paul Attanasio, who adapted Joseph Kanon's source novel) alternately florid and mind-numbingly expositional, delivered for the most part in an overdramatic studio-era style.