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the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface

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While people would have imagined that she was referring to one of her children, but, given her husband's propensity for doing things with his "big, clunking fist", he seems to be a bigger suspect.
But the bad news for Brown's ringside team is that the clunking fist is needed now and it's nowhere to be seen.
If the electricity in your office fails--and someday it will--your computer will come to a clunking halt.
In 2005's staging of Balanchine's Serenade for instance, McBride relayed to Gilchrest and NCDT's female corps how Balanchine "wanted really soft pointe shoes, almost like ballet slippers, with no clunking sounds.
Here again, he squeezed a ramshackle charm out of jerry-rigged apparatus--this time involving more shadow theater, as well as low-rent animatronics and what might be thought of as trompe l'oeil video installations--all powered by clunking exposed machinery.
When the loop of the first two tracks (each song needed two tracks for stereo) had been played, the playback head of the eight-track machine moved down with a memorable clunking sound to the next two tracks, and so on.
They have parallel access to memories and things like that, but none has the capability [as SANDAC does] to have 16 processors clunking away at once.
Clunking or thumping, it can mean: A defective universal joint, prop shaft, or rear differential.
But mechanical dialogue, a slow pace and labouring under a huge debt to the classic Bladerunner, has it clunking along in second gear.
his knuc If only they'd t ff then clenched to form a clunking fist and he'd used it on behalf of all the people who've been made jobless, depressed and despairing.
What followed was like a scene from a cartoon as the mouse tore through the leaves, trap clunking behind him, with me in my pyjamas chasing after him into the darkness.
Shortly after taking to the air, the pilot reported a clunking noise from the engine and abandoned the flight.
Noel Padgham, who had often been in awe regarding the clunking noise, had taken her car to air-conditioning mechanic Kit Carson at Cheaper Car Air-Conditioning.
The two athletes, both from Birmingham, prepared by meeting Mr Brown - whose nickname is "The Clunking Fist".
Watch for overheating, slipping gearboxes, clunking axles and check every switch, button, relay and motor, as they were riddled with electrical maladies.