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Synonyms for clunky

lacking grace in movement or posture

making a clunking sound

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In clunkier terms, my thoughts are better than your thoughts.
So, redesign and spruce up the clunkier right-column commercial modules--i.
And the custom cases that need to be fitted to the devices have become smaller and slicker than their clunkier predecessors.
IMAGINE The Lord of the Rings with lots of bad-taste, jokes, clunkier creatures and clumsier battle scenes and you're halfway towards getting the measure of Your Highness - an outrageous medieval fantasy romp with less sorcery and a lot more spoofery.
During those initial days, the sharing of your thoughts and opinions took on various forms, a lot of which appeared very similar to discussion threads, although in a clunkier format.
Other engineers around the globe are following Orzech's lead, modifying even larger and clunkier devices for Shabbat, such as refrigerators and ovens.
It's even clunkier to use than PhotoShop, but it costs hundreds of dollars less and does nearly as much.
Charms about you" and "arms about you" could hardly be clunkier, but it's breathtaking in Sarah Vaughan's version of "Embraceable You.
A little larger and clunkier than some of the other 1200w compact dryers on the market and it's not that lightweight.
For Akimbo, it's a little bit clunkier, as they can't take that feed, so it's a little more manual right now.
It's silly nonsense of course, stuffed with dialogue that's even clunkier than the soapy plotlines.
A clunkier explication of this formulation is that the configuration and function of our human body determines our narrative identity, the sense of who we are to ourselves and others.
The internal search tool provided by Microsoft Front-Page, for instance, is clunkier than most.
Six Characters in Search of an Author, Luigi Pirandello's most famous play, has been reinterpreted around the globe, while few have dared to touch his clunkier 1922 tragicomedy Enrico IV.