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Martin Clunes as Doc Martin and |Caroline Catz as Louisa
Despite his practical approach, some moments during the filming of Man And Beast left Clunes a bit shaken - not least when he met a snake charmer in Nepal.
Clunes says he hopes more Conan Doyle stories are adapted for the small screen.
For the past 20 years, Clunes has been friends with Tony Fitzjohn, who was George Adamson's right-hand man in Kenya and this film was made over the course of three years as he visited the new lion sanctuary that Tony has rebuilt just as it was in George's day.
While Gary was a perpetual man-child who still lived with his best mate Tony, 51-year-old Clunes lives a very grown-up life on a farm with his wife Philippa and teenage daughter Emily.
In a nutshell: Handsomely produced, and Clunes is excellent, but a smidgen too fussy.
The award-winning British comedy "Saving Grace," starring Brenda Blethyn with co-star Martin Clunes, continues to pull in moviegoers in America, taking an astounding $2,925,000 in three days, therefore doubling its existing U.
THESE days, you're almost as likely to see Martin Clunes cropping up in a nature documentary as in a sitcom or drama.
It stars Martin Clunes as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories, who has a real-life mystery to solve.
Two-year-old Harley Atkins, from Eastham, has been given the title of Wirral Celebritot 2014 thanks to his resemblance to TV actor Martin Clunes.
The documentary, narrated by Martin Clunes, reveals how these animals employ acute senses and excellent balance to explore their surroundings, and tells some remarkable stories, from the surprising relationship between a blind Labrador and his feline friend, to the cat that survived falling from a 19th floor flat.
Martin Clunes is back on hosting duties for the last of the series, notwithstanding a highlights compilation to come.