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the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface

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About World's Best Cat Litter(TM): World's Best Cat Litter(TM) is a family of clumping cat litters that offer concentrated power for a cleaner litter box.
Now, a new study led by Ahmad has found that curcumin can help prevent clumping.
5% of cases, there was partial resolution of clumping, with a 111% percent increase in platelet counts.
When choosing bamboo for the garden, take into consideration whether the plant is a running or clumping variety.
When he combined the two, he brought the water activity of the mixture above the critical clumping point.
Incidentally, many clumping succulent plants, such as aloes, which are similarly drought-tolerant, should also be kept out of full Valley sun.
Several drugs to inhibit A[beta] clumping are in clinical trials, according to Gandy.
This method, which is both inexpensive and potentially commercially viable, prevents quantum dots from clumping.
In contrast, normal red blood cells moved freely through the tumors without sticking or clumping and did not kill the tumors.
Currents, frontal regions, and some bathymetric features often are associated with enhanced productivity and prey aggregation, and turtles exhibit a clumping pattern in response to these features when they forage (Williams et al.
This clumping eventually leads to the formation of ribbon-like structures called fibrils, and because fibril formation has been linked to a number of human diseases, it was long assumed that fibrils themselves were toxic.
The lines will be called Clumping Formula and Multiple Cat Clumping Formula.
Clots in atrial fibrillation depend less on platelets clumping together than in some other situations.
Galaxy-formation models based on the clumping of dark matter, the invisible material that pulls stars and gas into galaxies, indicate that there should be many more small galaxies in the Local Group than have been detected.
You should know that there are two kinds of gazanias: clumping and trailing.