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We did spot a couple of plush Clumber Spaniels, who had arrived at Crufts along with their owners, Karen Deick and Malcolm Drakeford.
CLUMBER LINES This is a very old breed and as is the case with most ancient lineages, figuring out whence cometh the Clumber spaniel is mainly a case of guesswork.
In the 1940s, the Clumber spaniel was an endangered species, but thanks to the work of a Corbridge woman, the breed is now flourishing.
I made a fatal mistake once, a fewdays before Christmas, of hanging a wrapped present of biscuits for my Clumber Spaniel dog, Fudge, on the decorated Christmas tree.
He still lives in Hampshire with his clumber spaniel, Fudge.
Clumber spaniel Bracken had 13 pups and, although one sadly died, the others made it into the UK record books.
She air scents arid hunts at about the same speed as a Clumber spaniel.
Tavirosh Buff Wild Knight of Hajacan, a Spaniel owned by Mrs H Metcalf, of North Shields, came second place in the post-grad Clumber Spaniel category.
Wilma Reid was astounded to see her Clumber Spaniel Bracken bring 13 pups into the world.