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a thickset spaniel with longish silky hair

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I once judged a Clumber that clearly had ambitions to outrun a saluki and whose manner in the field could best be described as "my feet are like wings"; this particular dog was an exception to the usual Clumber "rule.
Although our spa experience in the forest, at the Clumber Park Hotel and Spa, was fabulous, it was the unknown Dukeries area of Nottinghamshire which really captured our imagination.
getting fit CLUMBER PARK HOTEL, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE If you're a regular exerciser who has hit a barrier and is stuck in the same weekly routine, Clumber Park is definitely the place for you.
On a breathless day of admittedly humdrum action, Clumber Place is worthy of support in the Kevin Lee Memorial Fillies' Handicap at Newcastle.
Elemis Nurturing Massage for Mother-to-be at The New Leaf Spa, Clumber Park Hotel & Spa - [pounds]70
We did spot a couple of plush Clumber Spaniels, who had arrived at Crufts along with their owners, Karen Deick and Malcolm Drakeford.
While the Clumber spaniel and the labrador retriever must stay slim to qualify as top show dogs, flat faces without a muzzle on Pekingese are also no longer acceptable because they cause breathing difficulties.
The bank said that it has launched a new regional business centre in Nottingham's Clumber Street.
Photo (1) The 1996 Westminster Best of Show winner Brady, a 4-year-old clumber spaniel, mugs for a phot with his mouth full.
Prosecuting for the Environment Agency, Counsel Mr Christopher Stables told the Court that Tank Industrial Maintenance Limited, a company specialising in the removal of liquid food waste, spread approximately 2,023 tonnes of liquid waste to fields at Baxter Farm, Doncaster and Clumber Farm, Worksop without a deployment form being agreed by the Environment Agency.
The initial win dividend on Blue Clumber, a 25-1 shot, was just PS3.
If you don't want to stray too far from civilisation but are in need of some pampering, check out the Clumber Park Hotel & Spa.
Places including Clumber Park and Sherwood Forest welcome families and with their acres of parkland, heath and woods make ideal destinations for a day out and capture the spirit of Nottinghamshire and the Robin Hood and Maid Marion traditions.
For me, there's nothing more relaxing than sitting in front of the fire with my dog - a white Clumber Spaniel called Fudge - beside me.