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totally uninformed about what is going on

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Citing that verse shows a frightening level of cluelessness.
Current case in point: the almost legendary cluelessness of the Romneys, whose latest attempt at trying to disavow their privilege is claiming to have lived "on the edge" while in college.
One is that of the US media, whose coverage simply underscores - and amplifies - the stunning cluelessness that triggered the protests in the first place.
Consequentialism, Metaphysical Realism and the Argument from Cluelessness, DALE DORSEY
Bivens, an economist at the Economic Policy Institute and a frequent commentator for major media outlets, demonstrates that the Great Recession of 2008 was "driven by cluelessness and greed on the part of the country's financial elite," focusing on poor policy choices since the late 1970s.
The cluelessness with which it's operating even today, with the eyes of the world fixed on Fukushima, is trying the national patience like nothing since the 1940s.
Experts interviewed by the magazine laid the blame for the country's cluelessness, in part, on the vast educational gap between the rich and poor.
To give an idea of the level of analysis, take the image of the train wreck seen by the travelers in "A Canary for One" Lamb shows the wreck working in at least six different ways, not only by indicating the actual physical wreck, but also by suggesting the wreck of the main character's marriage and the past process by which the marriage came to ruin, as well as the cluelessness of a fellow passenger who does not see the wrecks (of train or marriage), among other functions.
But while that image might speak to the cluelessness and profligacy of government in the face of a collapsing health-care system, it's not where I'm going.
I don't want to paint with too broad a brush, but I've had my own experiences with such cluelessness from for-profit lawyers.
Another episode could earn the company the same sort of reputation for privacy cluelessness that Facebook has captured.
He expressed pity for the players forced to perform "symphonic cluelessness.
of cluelessness helped them, and amusement too, at their elders, at old
One soon learns to hate him and to feel exasperated by Lucy's cluelessness.