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totally uninformed about what is going on

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Sure, the big three got nailed big time, but others seem to be flying comfortably, even cluelessly, under the radar, apparently secure that Eliot Spitzer's attention span (and that of potential Spitzer clones) is limited.
As played by Bergan, Lyubov is far deeper and more sympathetic than a cluelessly rich aristocrat.
The thousands who turned up on a bitterly cold day at Wales' most prestigious racecourse weren't lured to stand in the grip of the elements all day by the prospect of watching their pick trail round cluelessly at the back of the pack while a horse no one had backed swept to glory.
The last Chairman stumbled around cluelessly but at least he knew enough not to promise us targets that we all knew were at best laughable at worst pure pipe dreams.
Character portrayal provides exercise for those times when upright citizens might find themselves, like Justice Overdo, wandering cluelessly through the Fair.
the same Alfie who took a year to bed Kat - a woman who has handled more packages than Royal Mail - and is now dithering about cluelessly with Little Moan.
Like CBS before it, CNN responded cluelessly, failing to recognize that the controversy wasn't about to simply go away.
She stares cluelessly into space while about to be garroted, gets tied up, eats shit (literally), and is slammed against a wall, while words like SLIT are superimposed upon her person.
Now, trapped in a hell of their own making, they watch helplessly and cluelessly as their own kids set out to repeat and improve upon their parents' folly.
Mendelsohn would later cast Falco as a cluelessly optimistic wanna-be actor in his 1999 Sundance prize-winner, Judy Berlin.
Of course, none of these assists will matter a jot if England play as cluelessly as they did against a Sweden side that had little to offer but honest endeavour, yet might have won the match at a canter.
Samuelson is a one-note berater of the left--on the days when he isn't writing cluelessly about economics.
When his son was eight, the pillar would sit beside him at the breakfast table, read aloud from the Bible, and grope Walt's crotch while Walt's sister and mother cluelessly breakfasted with them.
15) Most student organizations are ceaselessly, but often cluelessly, on the lookout for speakers.
The new Sports Minister was was so busy yakking cluelessly about disbanding the four home international teams that he ignored a huge boost for young Scots in up to 10 sports.