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totally uninformed about what is going on

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It lives in catchy cliches unthinkingly and cluelessly, as it does with the slogan that no problem has a military solution but only a political remedy.
First, it laughed at the misery of the iPhone toting masses who were walking or driving around cluelessly.
He recounts confronting one mole who showed up at a conference cluelessly wearing "leather pants and shirt, all slit, the way an undergraduate might look if you were trying to copy what an undergraduate looks like.
If you'd asked me a month ago how Marley had died, I might have cluelessly suggested a drug overdose.
As I cluelessly wandered around a world where referring to each other by one's Twitter handles rather than by one's real-world name was more natural, trying to absorb everything that came my way, and live-tweeting (I actually went as far as downloading the Twitter app just for this) the event, at the end I still walked away with a general feeling reminiscent of Isaac Asimov's Multivac: Insufficient data for meaningful answer.
The British media and government, meanwhile, have stumbled cluelessly into this domestic Israeli feud and, in the name of Enlightenment values, revealed their own deep prejudices.
Haven't they all got pretty pink faces," she cooed, gazing cluelessly on a family of hippos close to death.
Joseph Mother Superior Katherine Gray and hospital chain CEO Deborah Proctor have reverted in interview after interview, letter after letter, and ad after ad, to a set of statements that either deliberately or cluelessly fudges the facts," Altan wrote.
These were not the clunky, creaky, awkward first steps of the genre; filmmakers were not cluelessly fumbling with a new technology; and viewers were hardly the simpletons we like to take them for.
Whatever humor there is to be had here comes from Elinor and Marianne being surrounded by characters who prattle on endlessly and cluelessly, but their own dialogue is scarcely more elegant.
Sure, the big three got nailed big time, but others seem to be flying comfortably, even cluelessly, under the radar, apparently secure that Eliot Spitzer's attention span (and that of potential Spitzer clones) is limited.
As played by Bergan, Lyubov is far deeper and more sympathetic than a cluelessly rich aristocrat.
The thousands who turned up on a bitterly cold day at Wales' most prestigious racecourse weren't lured to stand in the grip of the elements all day by the prospect of watching their pick trail round cluelessly at the back of the pack while a horse no one had backed swept to glory.