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totally uninformed about what is going on

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Whilst Clueless is sure to prove a hit with everyone that grew up in the 90s, I think Frozen might be the loudest screening - let's see if people in the Bullring can hear everyone at Brindleyplace singing along to Let it Go
Yes we have a crisis in our NHS and Cameron and clueless Hunt need to get a grip of the situation fast.
During The June 10 event Clueless in Seattle, TimeXtender will demonstrate its superb capabilities to identify, locate combine, and analyze data in ways that empower businesses to make better-informed, faster decisions.
Work programme providers were equally as clueless how to deal with rising unemployment, but were certainly clued up how to bank the cash.
Ironically, Alicia's Clueless character Cher also fell for a gay guy in the 1995 teen classic.
Cooking for the Clueless is the top resource for cooks learning to navigate their way around the kitchen.
Sarah Silverman, with co-star Brian Posehn, seems to be selfishly clueless -- or is she?
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, September 2005: Duff, a somewhat clueless computer geek just graduated from high school in Virginia, has what sounds like a great job offer in California.
Despite good intentions, many are clueless about the real cost of college.
That setup gets the feature-length treatment in Borat, named for Cohen's clueless Kazakh TV reporter, who comes to the States on a mission to find Pamela Anderson.
Now don't get me wrong, I love girls, and I'm constantly blazin' on the regs, but I prefer my shorties to be clueless on this skating world.
It is, frankly, clueless when it comes to law and order.
A mystery girl who sees in Gideon's mind can--and she tells of a clueless boy who flunks his way into a fancy prep school in New England, only to face cute, feisty girls who vie for his attention.
And she's pretty much clueless (laughs), so it's kind of tough for her.