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Synonyms for cluck

the sound made by a hen (as in calling her chicks)


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make a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens

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NESTLED among the trees at Wall Eden Farm we found our little log cabin with hens clucking around on the wooden porch and an old dog wrapped around itself.
And Winehouse, who is playing three sets over the weekend, has been clucking around, protecting her man like a mother hen.
Carol is a gem, she was like an old mother hen clucking around," he chuckles.
About 90% have now gone broody and are sitting on eggs, or are still clucking around their chicks, so there's not a lot happening on the egg production front at the moment.
The only things missing are the hens clucking around and a few passengers sitting on the roof.
Mrs Mack was seen clucking around getting ready for the Royal Family's arrival at Glendarroch and asking for a bowl of water.
Volver (that's Spanish for coming back) is a film with few men, instead it's all eccentric women clucking around attending to their various traumas.
It's all frightfully-frightfully, with Dench clucking around in furs and pearls as she fusses over the young actresses in her charge while Hoskins growls and snarls in the wings like, well, a bit like Bob Hoskins, really.