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Synonyms for clucking

the sound made by a hen (as in calling her chicks)


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Then she thought of those scuttling, clucking crowds, and her heart failed her.
Mary dipped her hand in the bucket he carried, and was at once the center of a circle also; and as she cast her grain she talked alternately to the birds and to her brother, in the same clucking, half-inarticulate voice, as it sounded to Ralph, standing on the outskirts of the fluttering feathers in his black overcoat.
He uttered a clucking noise in advertisement of his friendliness, and Michael snarled at this black who had dared to lay hands upon him--a contamination, according to Michael's training--and who now dared to address him who associated only with white gods.
And the vision he saw was of farm and farm-house and straw-thatched outbuildings, of children playing in the sun, and the good wife at the door, of lowing kine, and clucking fowls, and the stamp of horses in the stable, of his father's farm next to him, with, beyond, the woodless, rolling land and the hedged fields, neat and orderly, extending to the crest of the smooth, soft hills.
Soon they heard a clucking sound and a chorus of "cheep
They are all very good to me, and I want to please them; but they are so different, I feel sort of pulled to pieces among them," said Rose, trying to express the emotions of a stray chicken with six hens all clucking over it at once.
It was the shrill out-cry of the landlady when she found her loss, and the clucking of the hens, which had streamed in through the open door, that first broke in upon the slumbers of the tired wayfarers.
Nearly every one knows, for example, that he superstitiously made a practice of entering doorways in a certain manner and would rather turn back and come in again than fail in the observance; that he was careless, even slovenly, in dress and person, and once remarked frankly that he had no passion for clean linen; that he ate voraciously, with a half-animal eagerness; that in the intervals of talking he 'would make odd sounds, a half whistle, or a clucking like a hen's, and when he ended an argument would blow out his breath like a whale.
The poor creature came out of his hut, and raised the clucking sound of his voice.
He made conciliatory noises--a species of clucking sound with his broad, flat lips--that were, too, not greatly dissimilar to that which might be produced in an osculatory solo.
Rigaud looked from one to the other, struck his ugly nose, and made a clucking with his tongue.
The first event will have a Scottish theme to mark Burns Night, with some stallholders offering Scottishthemed produce including The Gingerbread Mam with her ginger parkin, The Clucking Pig Company and their haggis Scotch eggs, Mellanby's Veg with their neeps and tatties and Sawley Kitchen with their shortbread.
The short, clucking croaks were almost lost in the noise of the city.
Gobbler clucking, again, is similar to a hen's clucking but with a noticeably deeper tone.
David Laing runs Clucking Pig with wife Christine, saving ducks, geese and hens from the slaughterhouse when they are no longer needed by large scale commercial operations.