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Synonyms for cluck

the sound made by a hen (as in calling her chicks)


Related Words

make a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens

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Learn the clucks and purrs to finish white-fronts tight.
Fully functional prototypes of cluck have been produced and tested.
He fed the bird and built a coop, and then his wife let Cluck Cluck into the basement on cold nights.
When Cluck took over the Special Operations Research, Development and Acquisition Center (SORDAC), he had three goals* push decision-making to the lowest level, improve communication with industry and accelerate the process.
Cluck explained said some of the shots fired were for registration, "zeroing the rifle" to make certain that the 155-millimeter weapon is on target when it delivers its brand of fury.
If they don't give a cluck about Rocky and Ginger now, hold on -- they'll know them well in about a week when the animated movie feature "Chicken Run" opens.
Listen to the cow moo, the horse neigh, the chicken cluck, and the pig oink.
No matter, I think as I wash and put my life on, men who helped me through are dead or huddled in corrugated boxes on vacant lots, or sleeping days on grates in front of officious public buildings as passers-by cluck about the stock market or the worsening situation in the middle east, and some, I guess, are much like myself.
Despite knowing that he looked different from the other birds, the eaglet learned to do what the prairie chickens did: "scratch in the dirt for seeds and insects, cluck and cackle, and fly just a few feet off the ground with wings thrashing in the wind.
Robert Cluck for the grand opening of El Fenix's 18th location.
Cluck, SOCOM's acquisition executive and director of the Special Operations Research, Development and Acquisition Center, was asked at an NDIA breakfast whether the possibility of sequestration was spoken about in the halls of SOCOM's Tampa, Fla.
Simply tap on the Cluckin' Speck's bellow to produce a perfect cluck every time.
Not a great deal happens but the delight is in the detail as the ancient but arch women bicker over who should control the television, cluck over Gianni's lack of a wife and fret over what they'll have for lunch.
The only previous experimental study of specific information in bird alarm calls found that chickens cluck warnings for danger from above that differ from warnings for danger on the ground.