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Synonyms for cluck

the sound made by a hen (as in calling her chicks)


Related Words

make a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens

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Brand awareness among French consumers spread "like brush fire," according to Cluck.
Use gobbler yelps and clucks and call sparingly, but with enough frequency for a bird to not pass your position without hearing your calling.
We are thrilled to finally introduce Fluster Cluck and its classic 64-bit style of couch co-op gaming to a new era of console gamers," said David Sterling, managing director, LOOT Entertainment.
Cluck Cluck came from a nearby farm in Alma Center, about 135 miles east of Minneapolis, Murawska said.
You don't need a lot of money to be innovative," Cluck said.
Serving as ushers were Paul Irvin Amow, James George Cajoleas II, Ryker Scott Cluck, Scott Max Cluck, William Stuart Doyle, Frederick William Heldenfels V, and Hayden Joseph Pierpont
The deep, goosey sound makes the perfect clucks, double-clucks and moans needed to get honkers to drop their feet.
This behavior did not necessarily prove that a cluck works like a word that refers to some object around the bird, Evans says.
With a strong bass note and a real raspy finish built in, each yelp, cluck, and cutt you make with the Boss Hogg sounds like it came from the oldest hen in the woods.
Cluck said Paladins have become a vital piece in the counterfire missions against enemy mortars and rockets that are core to field artillery in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Listen to the cow moo, the horse neigh, the chicken cluck, and the pig oink.
No matter, I think as I wash and put my life on, men who helped me through are dead or huddled in corrugated boxes on vacant lots, or sleeping days on grates in front of officious public buildings as passers-by cluck about the stock market or the worsening situation in the middle east, and some, I guess, are much like myself.
Despite knowing that he looked different from the other birds, the eaglet learned to do what the prairie chickens did: "scratch in the dirt for seeds and insects, cluck and cackle, and fly just a few feet off the ground with wings thrashing in the wind.
Robert Cluck for the grand opening of El Fenix's 18th location.
Kale, known for its nutrient richness, boosts the healthiness of Cluck Inc.