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Synonyms for clubfooted

having a deformed foot


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Whereas in the 1950s stagings the ghosts were "only implicit" twenty years later they have become all too visible, "obtuse and clubfooted, trampling through the play's atmosphere with a needless realism" For Barnes, this is a clumsy mounting of a pedestrian text, the whole an enterprise devoid of artistic merit: "The mind recalls the subtlety of the novel and recoils.
He flirted with Madame de Stall and conducted an intense affair with the Countess de Flahaut, whom he shared with Talleyrand, the impious, clubfooted bishop.
No wonder the world sees us as arrogant, vulgar and stepping clubfooted into sensitive situations.
1635-40, National Gallery, London), Ribera's The Clubfooted Boy (1642, Musee du Louvre), Murillo's Immaculate Conception of the Venerables (1660-65, Museo del Prado), and Goya's Bullfight Scene: "Suerte de Varas" (1824, The J.
The low down belly rooted naming / of these wet toed, turf sucking / mockers of our hamfisted, clubfooted clumsy / taking of each other.
where dwelt an old clubfooted man, alone, attended by a strange brown woman of sinister animal beauty" (79).