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congenital deformity of the foot usually marked by a curled shape or twisted position of the ankle and heel and toes

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Choi and coworkers (6) used the Ilizarov method to simultaneously correct the lower leg and clubfoot deformities of a 5-year-old male and an 8-year-old male, both of whom had congenital inferior tibiofibular diastasis (probably Weber type II (1)).
By performing a routine genetic screening on 66 patients with an inherited form of clubfoot, Dr.
Clubfoot, which occurs in about one in a thousand births, is the most common musculoskeletal birth defect and is the seventh most common birth defect overall.
One example that particularly impressed him reportedly happened when a journalist who set out to prove her a fraud brought along his son who had a clubfoot and MacPherson healed the child.
They saved their best song for last, with the stomping Clubfoot bringing
The new data support previous Danish and Canadian trial results showing an increased rate of congenital clubfoot in infants of women who underwent amniocentesis at 11 weeks' gestation.
Lorenz was famous for his nonoperative method of treating hip dislocations, clubfoot, and other orthopedic deformities.
The hospital will serve children with orthopedic conditions such as clubfoot, bowed legs, cleft palate and many other congenital limb abnormalities.
Washington, Feb 2 (ANI): Ponseti method has been found to be more effective in treating clubfoot than surgical treatment, say researchers.
Correction of persistent clubfoot deformities with the Ilizarov external fixator.
In this multidisciplinary setting, the Center treats children with conditions including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, limb deformity, scoliosis, clubfoot, spina bifida and Down syndrome.
His clubfoot slowed him down and forced him to favor that foot with a slight but noticeable drag.
Senator Fraser developed a personal tie with the hospital when his son Chase was treated for a clubfoot several years ago.